Alright here is another random prompt that got me creating!

A book made of stone.

Simple yet very intriguing to me. So I decided to give it a whirl. If you guys are inspired let me know! I would love to go check out what you guys decided to do with this prompt. Hopefully you enjoy whatever it is you create. This poem is a bit long and I’ll probably shorten it if I want to edit it in the future. But I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you enjoy it too.

Words Etched of Stone

We fill slate after slate.

Blank space after blank space

Always feeling like more is going to spew out.

Our marks leave permanent scars.

The original landscape will never go back to normal

Doesn’t matter what you try.

Back up, escape, undo, erase

These things simply remove the top layer,

Leaving behind the imprint still embedded.

Hinting at that started creation.

Our tools help refine and sharpen the weapons.

Each scrap and tap honing the edges.

Pushing forward the intent.

Taking over those voids.

Colors fly

Sparks ignite

Fires burns our finger tips.

Then the stone is dropped.

From the very hands that created this Something from that Nothing

A ripple is started and it grows,

Until there is no space left for it to shake.

It gives everything to the path it is on.

We are given a unique piece,

Each time these blank spaces are filled in.

Full of new adventures just waiting for us.

We find creative beginnings,

Each time the slates are covered from side to side.

Taking us from this world to new worlds created.

While enjoying or looking or watching or interacting,

With whatever has captured your attention

Just remember,

Everything created has to start with

A clean slate and

Blank spaces.

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