Hey Everyone! It is time for another fantastic Meet The Author moment!

I am happy to introduce…

Emily S. Hurricane

Here is a bit about the author herself!

Emily has always had a pen and paper near her since the beginning. Capturing each and every one of the fantastic, thrilling, and sexy stories that have shown up in her imagination. Her works have a range of subjects which help capture so many readers. She has works that include genres such as romance and erotica; as well as, genres that include horror and science fiction too. Trust me they are awesome! The writing never stops for the voracious writer! Whether it is working on her own stories, freelance writing, or ghost writing, there is always something creative happening around her. But don’t worry, there is always time for family mixed in those busy writing days. Her family is a true rock for her in the craziness of everything. Emily’s husband and their kids are her biggest supporters and it shines through in her happiness and dedication to her other love, the written word!

One of the amazing things about this author is the fact she is completely self-published and has managed to establish herself very well in the the writing world. Heck, her latest novel Wrong Number, which is a forbidden love story full of angst and has a wonderful storyline, hit top spots in the Best Seller ranks and was a fantastic read! But her other stories have done well too. Bloodlines series is one of the worlds that has been a current obsession of mine! This series is the supernatural What if? humanity was wiped out and the creatures that go bump in the night survived. Now it’s their turn to go have some fun. There is always more happening and I love that about this series – which you’ll find out more in the Q&A about.

One of the romance series Emily has been writing is the Shotgun series. There are 3 books at the current moment! They are quicker reads, but the romance is hot! This series constantly has something happening making it difficult to put the book down. You just sit and the devour a whole book in a single sitting. Trust me, dangerously good! There are a number of other short stories Emily has both written and been a part of in the writing process. Two of them are Love at First Sip and Secrets which are both anthologies that contain wonderful stories written by this author and many other authors along with her for that fact. If you can’t find any of the books through the normal means, head to Emily’s page here she has links and peaks into her works scattered throughout her personal website. Besides, it is a pretty amazing looking website in all honesty. Yes, that is true envy bleeding through that last sentence 😜, but seriously head over there and check it out!

There is always a new things to find and read that has the Hurricane touch! She is constantly updating her fans on her Patreon with the newest writings. There are regular updates on Wattpad for some of her other writings and updates on Radish too (but I am less familiar with this site – so if you find her writings over there, Start reading!) Plus, in each of these locations, Emily has graciously left full works and serials up for her readers to enjoy. It is just giving to a taste for the good stuff. Join the dark side of reading with Emily! You’ll never look back once you do 😉 .

Time for the Q&A!

Q. I know that you have a lot of inspirations for writing all your stories, but where did you get the inspiration for Wrong Number? A book mostly in text form is quite unique!

A. Many many moons ago, there was a little contest on Wattpad called the Forbidden Love Anthology on the Dangerous Love profile. The only guidelines were that the love had to be, well, forbidden. I attempted to do a lawyer/client relationship, but that quickly turned from romance to horror (my short story Succubus), so I tried again. This time I wanted to really push myself, so I wrote the entire two thousand words in text messages!

It was so much fun, and I even ended up getting into the anthology! I’m not sure if that antho is still on Wattpad, but my original story is available on my profile if anyone is interested in reading the original simple tale.

I had a lot of readers back then asking what happened to Jolie and Carson after, when they got to meet face-to-face, and I really wanted to write it. I had this plan to eventually use the text messages as a prologue of sorts to an erotica short story and publish it on Amazon. I started writing, and then the text-only story didn’t feel right, so I scrapped it and started over, planning a short story but at the most a novella.

Then the characters didn’t shut up for a hundred thousand words, haha!

Q. My goodness you are such an avid writer from your short stories and your published works to all of the other projects too! What do you do to treat yourself in between projects and to help keep you ready for the next project?

A. Haha this is a good question. My life is pretty much eating, breathing, and sleeping the writing industry, because I’m a freelance ghostwriter and editor as my profession. So in my ‘off time’ I’m working on my own writing, plus constantly stoking my brand and marketing. Thankfully writing is my happy place, so getting to work on my own stories is always the best treat.

Although I have been known to take video game, or crochet breaks to really give myself some downtime. I also consume more chocolate than I need to. Way more than I need to. 😆

Q. Your Bloodlines world seems to keep stretching and finding new amazing stories to reveal to the readers. The collection is just fantastic and I am loving the characters you have created for this universe! For those of us sucked into this world and always wanting more, is there more on the horizon for this world?

A. It’s never gonna end, truly, haha! Writing the Bloodlines books has been just the most fun I’ve had writing books, ever. And you know how much I love my smutty books. But there’s just something so fun and freeing about this world, and that’s why I keep coming back and writing more in that world. Between the main series and Her Tyrant Alpha (which was only supposed to be one book, but here we are!), plus The Wolf and the Barista in the Love at First Sip anthology, I just can’t stop, haha.

Manic Pixie on Wattpad is an unfinished novella that is in the past before the apocalypse, taking place in the same fictional Lazarus City that The Wolf and the Barista was in. And I’m currently working on Vol. 6 of the main series, picking up a few months after where Vol. 5 left off. It’s on hold for a minute while I work on moving and reorganizing all of my Wattpad stuff to Patreon, but it will be my next Bloodlines project once I’m finished all that.

Although…I can let you in on a teensy secret…I’m quietly working on a novella for Teal Veyre’s upcoming anthology that takes place in the universe, too. I won’t spoil what it’s about just yet, but any Her Tyrant Alpha fans might have an inkling what supernatural creatures I’m busting out for this one! 

Q. I am hooked on your writing and I am sure others are feeling the same thing! Are there any other books or projects in the works at this moment? 

A. Gah thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I have so many random books across so many pens that I can usually point people in the direction of something that they want to read that’s in a niche they enjoy. Patreon has been really handy for those readers that don’t really care about genre or niche, they just want to read whatever debauched thing that’s coming out of my brain today, haha!

So yeah, I’ve got a lot of projects on the stove right now, kinda shuffling things around from burner to burner as I go. The things I’m moving from Wattpad have been in desperate need of some rewriting for some time, and in order to get them off of there I wanted to be able to offer them in a more polished state. I originally wasn’t sure what order I wanted to release them in, but with the positive response Wrong Number has gotten, I’ve decided to start serializing the rewrite of Persephone and eventually release it under Iris Trovao on Kindle Unlimited. Though it’s got a bit of a different vibe, it’s still contemporary and Seph is just as, if not more of a hot mess than Jolie, which seems to be my MO at this point. I love super messy characters that have to completely splat on rock bottom before scraping themselves back together again.

That begins serializing on February 14th (Happy Valentine’s Day!) and I’ll continue the every-day posting trend between that, the anthology novella for Teal Veyre, and erotica books every Tuesday and Saturday. Posting chapters or stories or books every day on Patreon has definitely kept me on my toes, but I’m having so much fun doing it. I’ve got so many stories to write so that fire really keeps me from procrastinating.

Q. I love that you are able to incorporate places and influences from Canada in a multitude of your writings. It is definitely a place that doesn’t get enough love in stories. Is there any place in particular that is a must see while visiting Canada, especially over on the east-coast?

A. I love incorporating Canadiana into my stories. I don’t see enough of it, and when I do spot it I get really excited. So having lived in this country my whole life, I really wanted to set things here as much as I could. 

Wrong Number sadly aside from the occasional Canadianisms doesn’t really have an official location. I wanted to focus more on the characters than the world building, so it’s kind of an ‘Anycity, Canada’ situation. Though heavily inspired by Toronto.

I’m not really a city girl myself, but standing at the base of the CN Tower is an insane experience. Being on top of it is cool too, but standing next to it and really feeling the scope of how massive it is is surreal. I could list all of the big tourist places like the Elora Gorge (the quarry there where I spent my childhood was in the new It movie) or Niagara Falls, but to be honest the best way to experience Canada is to just take a drive out somewhere. Find a small town or a provincial park and hike around. You can’t lose, you’ll always find something beautiful.

I grew up in rural Southern Ontario, where it’s all rolling hills and farmland and plaid and beer. Northern Ontario is the fun rocky areas and big lakes and vast woods. I’ve been on the east coast now for a few years and sadly due to Covid haven’t been able to explore as much as I’d like, but just driving the coast of Nova Scotia is the best.

Honestly, if you map out all the places Daphne goes in Bloodlines, you’d have a great time, haha! Take the Daphne tour. And if you end up in St. Jacobs, Ontario, there’s a little cafe on the river that makes a mean espresso with fresh-roasted Brazil Peaberry.

Q. You have such a range of writing genres (Horror, Romance, Science Fiction, and Erotica) it is fantastic that you are able to hit so many different loves for your readers. Do you have a favorite one or one that you feel speaks a bit more to you and finds its way more often into your writings?

A. I have asked myself this question SO many times, especially when I was really trying to unite my pens and buckle down on my collective brand. The reason why I write in so many genres is because I love them all. I read in pretty much every genre, consume every media in every genre, really. I could watch a Pixar film then a spaghetti western than a sci-fi then a soap opera all in the same day, haha! I’m drawn to good storytelling no matter how it’s formed. 

I think that’s why I get inspired to write in so many different genres and niches. And I always love to try to spin things. Like, what if we did an apocalypse but there’s werewolves, haha.

But, thanks to Pixie Stormcrow with her amazing insights on author branding, I was able to figure out that my common thread doesn’t have to be genre. My commonality amongst all of my work is morally grey hot mess characters, and that is my favourite thing. Whether they’re on a spaceship or ancient Rome or hanging out at the corner cafe you can bet they’re messy, haha!

Aside from that, my favourite thing about writing fiction is meeting the characters. I love digging deep and figuring out what makes them tick and letting them drive the story. I throw wrenches and create situations and see what they do, and it is so so much fun!

Q. Is there any advice you would like to give our aspiring writers out there?

A. I know everyone says this, but write write write! I don’t believe in the term ‘aspiring writer’, if you write you’re a writer, own it! Write stories, write poetry, write articles, write in a journal, just write as much as you can, even when it’s hard or you’re procrastinating, the answer is always to just do it anyway. If it’s really your passion, you’ll find your groove, your creative muscles will take over.

Secondary advice for those who have dreams of indie publishing or querying, get feedback! Writing is one thing, but when you finish a thing (and you do have to finish it!) get as much feedback as you can to make it the best it can be. It can be super scary putting yourself out there, but if you don’t allow for multiple eyeballs to help hone your craft, then you’re doing your work a disservice by publishing or querying it raw. If you can’t afford an editor just starting out, do critique swaps or find beta readers, anything you can to get thoughtful feedback on how to strengthen your work. Learning never ever stops in this business!

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    Also, I hope the Bloodlines universe never ends! Those books are great. Such a unique idea for an apocalyptic story.
    And hey! I got mentioned 😀 I’m so stoked to read that novella once it’s done <3

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