What’s Your Poison?


This is nothing but magic, myths, and folklore! These worlds are full of humans, elves, dragons, dwarves, goblins, and so many more magical creatures. Each story striking off for that long awaited adventure or joining arms to fight that final battle! Where will the world of magic and adventures take you next?

Young Adult

These stories take on coming of age stories and experiences that generally have a young protagonist leading the way. They sweep the reader up and drop them into fantastic fictional worlds that are full of adventure. You never know what you might find! This genre is for one and all!

New Adult

Just because we’ve grown up doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy those YA stories. Now we just get them with a little more spice mixed in! We follow the lives and stories for those characters trying to figure out life as an adult. From moments with jobs and friends, running around new realms to save people, figuring out college and life, also to the steamy – oh so heated – nights, we get to see and experience everything. Getting older isn’t for the faint of heart. Life is tough and punches pretty hard sometimes, but these stories prove that even at the bottom, all you can do is go up.


Who doesn’t want a white knight figure coming in a saving you from danger? Or perhaps the dark and mysterious type? Whether it is the sweet beginning of relationships, the stolen kisses in the night, or the smutty scenes that make you blush, romance is one to try. Don’t worry, the stories are really good too! It isn’t always romance stuff in the pages – even if those are some juicy moments!


Things that go bump in the night and can’t quite be explained are within each of these stories. Ranging from vampires, undead, werewolves, psychics, fairies, and so many more that are flitting around the very towns we live in and most of us are unaware. Want to know if you’ve seen something or not? Take a bite out of these books and see what side you fall on. Dark side or the Light or Both?

Science Fiction

Looking for a story with the latest tech or scientific research? These stories are filled with glimpses into the future where our current technology are things of the past. Robots, gadgets, space travel, laws of science being rewritten, the possibilities for this genre is infinite! Blast off to the future and get ready to put into action the world full of advanced tech.


Here is the jump back in time we all have a craving for! You can find something to read from literally ANY time period you want. From the different eras of ruling families to captured moments found when the dinosaurs walked the Earth, there is so much to discover. You might even find a few creative renditions of these past moments in history. Revealing some “what ifs” to events that we all know so well. Quite a feat to add a bit of a fictional twist to those accurate facts! Time to find what time period you are the most fond of!


Time for a bit of schooling and facts to help win a Trivia game! These stories are full of real events, people, and facts that truly did happen. Cool thing about them all is you can always find a new prospective to read from even if it is the same topic. Biographies, histories, and lessons, the things you could learn about our world and what has happened is unstoppable!


Take out your detective caps and magnifying glasses, there are clues about! With stories full of unsolved crimes, puzzling situations, and heart-stopping moments, you are never fully out of the story until the book is done. Who is likely the culprit in your book? Is it the complete stranger? The one’s overlooked by others? Or the closest to you? Can you solve the mysteries?


When the bad guys strike, there is always someone out there hunting them down. The best of these books often focus on the good vs evil theme and the ideals that wrong deeds must be avenged. Although not all end happily, there is usual some form of justice dished out. There are also those stories that talk about the true crimes that have happened in history. Each of those stories expose the truth of what happened and shine a light on the cases the detectives have complied. Turn on that slow jazz music and send in the rain and thunder, it is time for the detective to be called in and sent into the underbelly of the city.


The unknown can be some of the most powerful, terrifying moments in a good book. Each one is FULL of suspenseful moments that makes you tense at each page turn. They manage to play with your head making your paranoia almost real driving you to madness. Yet, there is something so captivating you stick through all of it just to see how it ends. The pull of enjoyment and the perfect tinge of fear to flip that page is what keeps us coming back. What’s in the box?? It’s just a book waiting to be read, don’t worry… too much

** You might see some books on multiple pages, this is because some of the books easily fall into different genres. I have tried to keep them listed on a single page; however, for some of these stories that would neither be possible, nor fair to the book.

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