Ever listen to that one frog somewhere out by the water that is croaking so loud and being annoying? We had a frog that lived by the small pond at my house and that little guy was so loud! We knew he was the only one out there too, so all the noises he made were just for himself. I thought about that little guy and wondered what it would be like if all of those sounds were him creating a song to woo a lady into his life.

Moonlight Song

On and on the bullfrog calls,

Where no one will answer his cries.

Across the water and into the reeds

Again and again he tries.

The air is silent except for his bellowing

That still not one frog will hear.

All alone by that pond he’s sitting

No one to be close and hold dear.

Night by night he tries again

With each evening ending the same.

Trying over and over all the time

Hoping someone will learn his name.

Alone in the world and no one to share it

He falls into hopeful dreams.

Wishing for one more soul to come nearby.

All by himself or so it seems.

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