Have you guys ever seen the magnet sets that are a bunch of words and you can rearrange them to make sentences? I’ve heard there are Grimm ones, Edgar Allen Poe ones, and a bunch of others!

Well, I was given a Shakespearean one not to long back and it is so much fun. I decided to put the words all over my fridge!

Not going to lie, I did this mostly to make sure I didn’t loose them because they are quite small and hard to keep track of where you’ve put them. And as a bonus for doing this, if I ever felt the need to toss some words around I could literally do that while I was in the kitchen (which I am in there often since I love cooking).

Here are all the words up on my fridge. It took me a while to get them up there, but totally worth it!

So I decided to put up one of my poems I created while I was waiting for some brownies to cook. It’s not perfect and I am no Shakespeare, but I had fun making it up as I went.

Let me know what you think! If there is anything I should change around comment and let me know. If the Shakespeare words feel like a challenge you want to tackle too, I would love to know what you write. Let me know so I can check out your creation! Enjoy!

The Poisoned Question

Speak you woman and tell me thusly,

How dost thine know my torment and poison?

Dost thou see which love – or was it woe –

that hast striked me mortally?

Or perchance was it drunkard luck and question?

Be a jest!

Nay, be a dream!


The poison quenches my bosom’s merriment.

I yield to the future of discontents.

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