So this is going to be really short for a typical post from me. But I am finally able to be a little more human since just getting over Covid! And just in time for the next book I’ve been eagerly waiting for!

A Court of Silver Flames is officially out!

My copy of the book is due in today while I’m at work. I know for certain what I’m doing as soon as I get home though!! Tonight and tomorrow are officially booked – literally! Haha! You guys, this is going to be good. Even though I’m not to crazy about Nesta and I love my boy Cassian, I hope the story turns out good overall.

I’ll be sure to put up my thoughts for the book when I finish it. And I know I’ll be keep some of you updated on my Instagram account. I promise no spoilers! For now at least 😉. I’ll give you all plenty of time to get it and read it for yourselves before I start talking about any spoilers.

Hope you guys have a wonderful day! Find something wonderful to read and loose yourself in the words!

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