Length: 757 pgs / 26 hrs 5 mins audio

Overall: 🐢🐢🐢🐢


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Writing Style:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Character Development:

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

“‘That’s the key, isn’t it? To know the darkness will always remain, but how you choose to face it, handle it… that’s the most important part. To not let it consume. To focus upon the good, the things that fill you with wonder. The struggle with that darkness is worth it, just to see such things.'”

A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas

The Story:

Nesta Archeron has managed to keep a wall between herself and anyone who could do her harm. Not physical, but emotional pain. Because you can heal a bones, but words have their ways to worm deep into your sole and burn. She has managed to push away everyone who has tried to help her since the war with Hybern. And now there is only one path for her from her friends and family, tough love. Banished to the House of Winds until she can find a way out by herself, Nesta must work in the House’s library and to train physically with the one who manages to get under her skin the most, Cassian. However, as the healing process starts and conversations pick up, it is clear that there is more than just anger between the two. There is growing understand as to what it takes to accept and heal a broken soul.

While she is learning how to work through the storm that is raging inside, the human queens have started to move again on the continent. They are making some very dangerous alliances and threatening the tentative peace that has been created across the realm. Nesta and Cassian might not only be training to work through emotions anymore, but preparing for the next war that could be stirring up.

Key Elements:

Fiction, High Fantasy, Romance, Library, Mate, Smutty, New Adult, Trauma, High Fae

Others in the Series:

Book 1: A Court of Thorns and Roses

Book 2: A Court of Mist and Fury

Book 3: A Court of Wings and Ruin

Book 3.1: A Court of Frost and Starlight

Why This Rating?

I should never be worried anymore when I pick up a book from Sarah Maas. Her writing alone manages to pull me into the worlds she creates and I forget about what is around me. It is crazy how she spins the sentences just right that, before you know it, hours have passed when you only meant to read a small section. I was not disappointed in this book either! I went through a whirlwind of emotions with her writing. From laughs, tears, anger, giddiness, painful anticipation and most of the time one right after the other! Have plenty of chocolate for the aches and chips for the good stuff while reading this one you guys! And maybe some wine for the smutty stuff, because wow. All I’m going to say is Cassian is a beast and Nesta is right there with him. No, the book isn’t filled with the hot and spicy romance that is becoming Maas’ signature in her books, but it isn’t lacking when those scenes pop up. Giving you warning now, its wonderfully and tastefully done!

There was so much character development for Nesta! I am so proud of her as a character and what she manages to overcome and grow into as an individual. Maas shows us the depth of trauma Nesta has been dealing with by lifting up a sliver of that icy complexion we’ve come to expect with Nesta. It helped me understand so much more of why Nesta reacted and said throughout all of the other books. I totally get why we were given a book completely about her now. I was a bit upset when hearing Nesta was going to be the main focus for this book, mostly because she didn’t have many redeeming qualities from the other four books. But after reading – and getting a glimpse into all the fun stuff Cassian thinks about – I was very surprised at how far my opinion of Nesta has swung. She was willing to eventually work through the things that have weighed her down. She showed that it isn’t always easy to overcome the things that have hurt you or the things that fill you with guilt. But as long as you still try to keep moving forward you will achieve your goal and climb those steps! It also helps to have a killer support team too!

I was expecting more shows of Nesta’s magic during the book. The glimpses that we are given throughout are perfect reminders of the dangerous magic she holds within. Then there are the small mentions of what type of magic she has. And of course the perfect naming of the magic with the very title of the book Silver Flame. Despite all of this though, we only get to really see what she is fully capable of at the end of the book and even then briefly. I wished the idea of the trove would have been able to keep going instead of stopping at three. Also, the ability to do a charm like the bracelets towards something else would have been pretty cool too. It makes sense that we weren’t able to see more than just a glimpse for most of the time because she was still working through a lot and trying to figure out herself. Her magic was always tucked away or suppressed be her own choice. Still, it would have been pretty wicked to see that inner flame come scorching out like we saw in the other book.

The friendships within this book are magnificent! From the friendships Nesta manages to make with others to the House becoming one for her, is great! Not going to lie, I would love to have the House of Winds as a freaking friend. I’d tell it stories, share memories, talk with it, share books with it just like Nesta! Don’t get me wrong the other friendships are solid and I tear up whenever I see them all together. BUT I would totally still want the House as a friend!

This was a fun book to read and made me change my understanding towards a very important character from this series. It does carry a lot of heavy tones and topics that are probably not for everyone especially if topics of trauma, both mentally and physically, affect you in any way. There is sexual content, but if you are already familiar with this series – which if you are reading this I would assume you are since this is book 4 – you won’t be surprised. I appreciated that we still got a glimpse in to the Court of Dreams and the Lord and Lady of the Night Court were still present during the story. If you still haven’t purchased the book, there really is no need to buy the Barnes and Noble addition of the book (the one with Rhys and Feyre bonus chapter). I did and the bonus chapter really wasn’t worth the selective purchase of that edition. I haven’t read the Books-A-Million version (the one with Az bonus chapter) but if it like the B&N one, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker for you guy either. And knowing how much of a following these books have, both of these ‘exclusive chapters’ will be around somewhere for you to read. Just get a copy of the book from where every you would like and read it that way. Hope you all enjoy!

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