I feel like it has been forever since I pushed out my own writing! I got a prompt the other day that I just couldn’t pass up the chance to write something.

What difference do you see between a crying child and a crying adult?

I know this is a different take on the idea of “crying” than what some of you would probably choose. But that is the beauty of a writing prompt! You never know what will come from it.

If this prompted you into some creative thought, I would love to see/read it. Just comment a link to it below or let me know another way. In the meantime, here is my personal creative piece.

Crying for Time

When we are young

we cry and whine

about not being older.

Always wishing away time.

Stretching our hands

forward to the Next,

rather than to the sides

towards those close by.

Then. It. Flies.

But we are young.

Our youth calls us to action!

Procrastination our banner!

Independence our chant!

Seize the world without worrying

especially not about questions with

“what will?” or “will that?”

Time is on our side.

However. It. Flew.

“Hindsight is 20/20,” they say.

“Enjoy these moments. Always.”

These things we expereince

only happen Once in life.

Some of us listened.

We embraced the now.

Some kept on with the march.

We stepped to our own beat.

But. It. Flies.

Now we are older

We mourn and lament

about not being younger.

Wishing time to start again.

Looking back is bittersweet,

learning to love what has been

wont be again.

But what Was created who we are.

Time. Flies. On.

But we have aged.

Adulthood calls to us action!

Teaching is our banner!

Unity is our chant!

Instruct the young quickly,

Because we did not listen.

They are the future of the world.

Advise them while we can.

Time is Always. Flying.

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