Hey Everyone! Have you guys heard about or read anything from Brandon Sanderson? Firstly, he is a crazy talented author of a ton of fantasy novels and an awarded author for his writings. He was also the one who finished writing Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series – which dare I say, he did a wonderful job at sticking with Jordan’s story and world. Besides he is just a great all-around guy who wants to share his love of writing with everyone. Sanderson goes so far as to have some of his books read aloud on his Youtube channel (which by the way is FULL of other fantastic stuff too) and on his website he has books and sample chapters of his writings posted. There are a lot of other things he does too, but that isn’t why you’re here. You wanna know what this top secret thing is.

Top Secret News …. Incoming!

So, Brandon Sanderson has already become a well-known, very talented author. I mean some serious detail, well-planned out worlds, great plots, deep characters with a lot of growth built in, the whole shebang. He knocks all of this out while still managing to push out a fair amount of books in a short amount of time considering the love that is put into each project.

WELL! In the midst of been locked up at home for essentially 2 years, Sanderson was a crazy busy guy. What else is an author to do while he has more than enough time on his hands? Write of course!

This guy didn’t just write one or two novels though. Oh no, that wouldn’t be enough to dive into and keep secret!

Sanderson wrote FIVE Freaking books!

I totally watched his News Spoiler and couldn’t stay quiet while watching! My personal commentary: “No Stinking Way! How did he get away with writing a book in secrete?! He finished two books? Wait, Three Books?? Four? Whole crap dude, Another one!”

I am so excited to learn more about these books! From what has been said, Three of the books are full novels in his Cosmere world, the fourth book is on a character we’ve seen before but finally gets his own spotlight (🧐 not going to lie, I’ve thinking about so many characters right now that this could be), and the fifth book is a separate one for the younger readers out there. He is going to slowly be releasing more information on the titles and books as time goes on, but still Heck Yeah!

The other juicy bit of info Sanderson has for us is a Kickstarter. He started up this big kickstarter with different pledge tiers for the year 2023. Essentially what is happening is by being apart of the kickstarter (and depending on which pledge line up you pick) you will be receiving a book either every quarter on their release days or get some other goodies along with the books. This ranges from Ebooks to Audiobooks, and of course doing a physical Hardback book too. So definitely hits all of us diverse readers out there! A Year of Sanderson sounds like a lot of freaking fun! If you wanna check out the stuff Sanderson has going in the Kickstarter head over to the page HERE.

This is not me saying “Go Spend Money Here!” And I don’t receive anything from sending people over to the Kickstarter page. However, Sanderson is an author who I really appreciate what he does and provides everywhere he goes. His book series are fantastic and I really love his writing! I don’t want the opportunity to pass by you guys if you are also a fan of his. This is such a fantastic opportunity!

I am ecstatic to hear more about all these super secret books Sanderson has been writing! And I am so looking forward to a year full of Sanderson’s writing in 2023. Not to wish the year away, but next year is going to be so much fun! He is going to be releasing more information about these secret books on all of his social websites (Youtube, Podcast, Website, and Kickstarter).

If you guys want to watch the video of Brandon Sanderson spilling the beans, I put it below. It is a bit lengthy (16ish minutes long) and does talk about the kickstarter that he is doing with the books too. Or you can watch the shorter version that is in the description of the Kickstarter (about 3 minutes long). The shorter one is the version I watched first, if that helps you choose between the two.

Alright you guys, hope you have a wonderful day doing what you do best! And catch you all next time!

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