Length: 336 pgs / N/A audio

Overall: 🐢🐢🐢


Rating: 3 out of 5.

Writing Style:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Character Development:

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.


Rating: 2 out of 5.

He looks….sinfully gorgeous. And intoxicatingly powerful. And all I can do is stare.

Match for The Billionaire by Eve Madison

The Story:

He’s making me an offer I can’t resist.
So, get this. I’m slaving away at my waitressing gig, dealing with the world’s pickiest customer, when he drops a bombshell. He wants me to be his assistant. Me! I couldn’t believe it!
I mean, sure, I needed the cash and some time to focus on my art. But seriously, working for this guy? I must be out of my mind.
He’s got all the looks, like he walked straight out of a romance novel. But boy, does he have an ego the size of Mount Everest. He’s the type who thinks he’s always right, even when he’s dead wrong.
But, against my better judgment, I’m starting to think there might be something more to him.
Could he actually be the one?

I’m doing everything in my power to avoid a colossal business disaster.
I made the crazy decision to hire Mia Kamaka as my assistant, and now I can’t help but feel a spark of excitement. She’s drop-dead gorgeous, and I want to spoil her rotten.
But let’s face it, things are complicated. We’re on a dangerous path, and I’m not sure if it’s the right one.
Maybe there’s a better way, a better match.

But what if Mia is the one who can turn my life around?

Key Elements:

Romance, Boss, Secretary, Contemporary Romance, Trust, Betrayal, Family Business

Others in Series:

Book 2: Rival to the Billionaire

Book 3: Nanny for the Billionaire

Why This Rating?

Full disclosure, I received an advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for a voluntary honest review.

I liked the idea behind this book but it was just an ok story. Or as I usually call them, this was a solid goldilocks story. The romance wasn’t anything to flashy. The plot was simple but still sweet and charming. And the writing was good, it kept me reading. It was an all around decent story.

The book is laid out in 2 perspectives, Mia’s and Derek’s. The majority of the time you are looking through Mia’s POV. But getting to take a peak in Derek’s POV was quite fun. I love it when stories give you both sides. That could just come from me being noisy, but being able to read from both MCs is always a lot of fun for me. Derek’s story seemed a bit more laid out than Mia. He has a more developed personal background; as well as, a clear drive for what he wants with his company and for himself. Even has clear character flaws that make sense with this business forward thinking he has taken on as he has gotten older. You can tell the author really enjoyed writing his parts of the story. I know that Derek’s POV were the parts that I liked the most and almost wished we stayed in his perspective the entire time (or the majority of the time). However, I will say that his interest in Mia is a bit shallow. He’s interested in her looks almost exclusively. But I can look past this flaw being that it is a straight forward romance story. Now Mia… (Heads up rant incoming, next paragraph!)

I had some trouble with her character. Mia seems to be a strong willed, proud woman willing to speak her mind and stands up for herself. Her best friend and roommate can confirm this a few times throughout the story. I love these traits (as long as it isn’t out right rudeness people are striving for) and you can see the sass she has from the kick-off – Woot! But, the moment she starts to become friendly towards Derek, talk about a switch going off. She becomes demure and soft spoken. Oh there is fire still going strong in there, but it is so tempered when they are interacting you wouldn’t believe it. At least until he manages to poke the fire and get her going again. And then there is the character’s drive for the entire book… So she’s a photographer and wants that to be her profession. Win a big money prize in a photo competition and set off for the big leagues. That, that I can get fully behind. Have a life goal! Have a dream Girl! But her drive for the whole book is to get enough money to buy a really nice camera and win a photo into a competition proving that she can do this. As a waitress, yes, I can see that being a fair goal in life, but you’re now a secretary for a Billionaire, who CLEARLY wants to bang you, and is covering every cost that you might have to pay before knowing you, AND absolutely taking care of you once he does knows you. Honey child, change that dream some. You can clearly save a few pay (if that) checks to buy that camera well within the time restriction you’re facing. And if it isn’t, there is enough time passing between the conflicting moments it certainly seems like there is plenty of time. But there is no development there. And because there is no development her character suffers. She doesn’t retain that strong feelings we meet in the beginning. You can see some of it return right at the end, thankfully.
Huh, didn’t realize it bothered me that much 😅. Okay, rant done!

Alright, enough about the characters, what else is there for the story? You can see exactly what the climax/drama point is going to be for the characters pretty early on in this one. As soon as Mia is technically looking for new employment after leaving the waitress job (basically the beginning of the book), 2 offers are given and you can tell why they’d be conflicting as soon as you hear them listed (gotta read to find out why though!). It made me give a pretty big eye roll, because it was almost on the excessive side of being obvious and kind of made the rest of the story go “ehh”. However, I still wanted to see the drama unfold. Spill the tea Gurl and pass me some popcorn because I live for that drama! And this certainly had the drama going for it. There is a leaked story of Derek’s past that brought to light something his own cousin did to him. Mia and Derek trying to keep their hands to themselves – hehe! Mia and the job conflicts that are happening. As for the romance, I’d say some of the scenes were a tad risky! This is a solid 3 on the 5 pepper scale. It was certainly spicy! Then when they were getting to the trusting/loving section of the story, it was turning so incredibly sweet. Happy sighs for the happy couple.

I don’t know if I would keep reading this series in all honesty. I thought that this was a decent read but wasn’t a total page turner for me. Although, from what I can see, the rest of the series is based on the different brothers (each brother gets a book). We got to meet them in this one. They are some very interesting characters for sure! Who knows, maybe their personalities from this first book will compel me to pick up the next ones. If you’re looking for a decent romance book that is a fairly fast read, this might be your jam. Just turn off your mind and let the story lead the way.

Time to get lost in the next story!

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