Alright, I don’t know about you all, but I have a weakness for free books. You too? And if it is an E-book and free, good Lord watch yourselves because I am right up front for it! You can have so many books in your e-reader libraries. You never have to worry about shelf space or in some cases the lack of shelf space you have left. I know that my husband greatly appreciates it when I purchase books on my e-readers. Also, it doesn’t physically show just how obsessed you are with books. You can been a secret book dragon and hoard your books all on e-reader libraries. “Shhhh, don’t tell the others how crazy you really are.” LOL! *disclaimer* I truly don’t think there is anything better than having a physical copy of a book, BUT when you travel you can bring 100s of books in an e-reader and not have to pack a separate bag for your books only. – yes, I use to bring a bag with just books in it if the trip was long enough and there would be a chance of finishing any of them – There are benefits for going e-readers. Just saying.

Anyway! The reason I bring up e-readers and free books is because there is going to be a HUGE free e-book sale coming up in 3 days on September 20th!



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Free E-Book Sale

Here is a helpful countdown timer for you all! I already have one in my calendar ticking down the time!

This is being held be a website called Romance Bookworms. They’ve done the hard work and gathered a collection of authors who have agreed to provide a day worth of free reads available to us readers to buy and download. Granted this is entirely based on romance books, but honestly free books are free books. A majority of the authors in the lists will be newer authors looking to get their names out there in the ever competitive publishing world. I am super grateful that this website is willing to get this collection of books around a couple times a year to help not only the authors, but to get the books out there in the world. It is a huge undertaking and if you are interested in this stuff, you should totally join in on the email subscription over there. I’m already signed up!

So get your e-readers charged up or your computers ready to get searching on the 20th, because there are going to be TONS of free books going on for all of us! I didn’t get a chance last time to go in depth in the book searching, but this quarter I will be putting in a bit more time and looking around the multiple lists this website has. You can get books for just about any kind of e-reader, kindle, google book, nook, etc… Be sure to give some attention to the authors thru Goodreads or wherever you post up some of your own thoughts on books. I would love to hear about some of the stories you find and what you thought of them. Send me a message or comment the ones I should go and find for my TBR list.

As for the Free Sale, All you need is the website link: and a bit of time to search through the lines and lists of books they’ve got. And of course to know what e-reader you’re going to send your new books too!

Hope you guys find some fantastic reads on the 20th! I wish you the best of luck in your book searching!

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