Well, here goes nothing. First blog post live and ready to be read by my unfortunate readers. Firstly, I am very grateful that you are willing to read this and/or any other posts. The first couple are definitely going to be rough, especially until I find what my groove will be in this brand new format. Thank you so much for your patience and perseverance through this experience.

To get a little of the air cleared up and explain why I have even attempted to start this website.

I have always wanted to be a writer of some sort in my life. I have written plenty of poems and the occasional short story here and there throughout my life. But, like many people out in the world, the writings were either written and seen by a few close people in my life or they have sat in a book/computer file since the first time they were created. Now it’s time to shake off the dust and get them out there!

Here is a little look into my reading obsession. This is a picture of my personal library (I have other shelves in my house, but this one is my pride and joy). I am always adding to it and love it! I am constantly pushing myself to read more each and every year, which definitely helps grow my collection.

This doesn’t even count the amount of ebooks OR Audible books I have in those libraries!

Since I love reading and I am always telling my friends and family members about the latest book I’ve been reading of finished. I know a majority of them time they listened to be polite and usually just do the “smile and wave boys.” This is a chance for me to actually write out my thoughts and comments about the stories I have finished instead of just telling people in person about them.

And finally the other big reason I start working on this website is because of my husband. He is so supportive towards everything I do and understands my passion towards the written word both in the books I read and the little things I do myself. He finally convinced me that it was time to start writing for the public and see what people actually have to say about my works and thoughts. So here we are.

Yes, I am completely out of my element here; however, where would the fun be if I just kept sitting on the sidelines the entire time? Who knows what could happen by getting my own personality out in the world.

My goal is to write about a wide range of topics and ideas. A good amount will probably be based on the books I am currently reading; however, I know that there will be moments I will stray from the usual. I may write about things that are happening in the world that I find interesting. Or things that might have happened in my life that I feel is worth tossing out into the world.

As for the book reviews, they will be forever a work in process. I haven’t decided how far back I will go on the books I have finished. Or how they will look, but hopefully I will have a possible look of one uploaded soon. It may take a few tries to get a format that I like and any ideas that you all my have would be very appreciated.

I hope that this website reaches fellow readers, writers, and even those aspiring to become more involved in the literature world. I am always reaching out to people in my life and telling them about the latest book I’ve picked up or paper that I have read. They might joke at my reading habits here and there but they almost always tell me that they are amazed at the amount of dedication I have to the written word. I’d like to believe that I help influence their ideas and thoughts towards reading in at least a small way. And, in turn, I hope that my personality through these pages help influence your own thoughts towards reading.

So just take an extra look around and read just a few more things today than you did yesterday.

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