I wont say that I am any good at writing my own creative pieces. I am far more comfortable in the world of research writing. But I feel like everyone who writes a little, whether that be little rhymes or a few sentences, has a secret stash of works tucked away someplace.

Over the years, I have definitely collected my fair share of works that I have only pulled out here are there. What a better place to write them then my own website?

This is a poem that I wrote while I was watching my cousin paint. I was amazed at the ability to just pick up a clean canvass then start creating a beautiful masterpiece. Not to far from what a writer will do with a blank piece of paper. While I was watching, she would comment about a smudge she made or the colors might have bled a little to far. You could never tell if there were any mistakes or if the paint wasn’t in the right spots though. Proving that you’re always your worse critic. In the end, she was able to just make each blemish work. It became apart of the whole thing and made it even more beautiful because of the extra strokes or blend of color that happened while creating it.

So, here is my personal poem, Hidden Message. I hope you enjoy it!

Hidden Message

A clean slate

you Stroke and then mark the page,

Here And There.

colors are splattered all over.

a picture Begins to form

all of the lines are starting To make sense.

the picture has its’ Outline at last.

now for the final colors to be added and filled in.

well, there are Smudges throughout the piece, that’s ok.

remember, staying in the lines are key.

And stray lines are still found around the edges,

you make the Mistakes work However.

Your Masterpiece is finished!

stepping back and looking at it, you see

there Will always be spots to fix

and finishing touches that could be done.

Still you look at that finished picture,

never sure if it could Be really finished or how you like it.

but it’s out there now and anyone can see it.

what is it that you drew?

do you see The Hidden Message

that was created For You by you?

we are left To Find the meanings

to our own personal masterpieces.

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