I was able to spend some days up in the mountains and I fell in love with the way the woods seemed to always be alive with some kind of sound. I know, living things are always there and making noises, but sometimes living around so many people you forget how peaceful it is to be out in the woods. There aren’t very many people to influence what is happening. You get to sit quietly and just listen to the life that is teeming around you. Just to enjoy the pure sounds that everything makes.

It also helps that I am a band geek. I was in band for many years and and loved every aspect of it. From the chaotic sounds the instruments could make alone to the beautiful harmonies they could make when working together. All of it was beautiful and amazing to me. So applying my musical ears to the woods I was in sounded as if I was apart of an audience that got to listen to the most wonderful music that is created. And every day it sounded different even though it was the same area. So hear is the melody written out as I heard the sounds come to life around me. The poem could be applied to so many different situations, so I hope you find the same enjoyment in it as I did when I wrote it.

The Secret Melody

The elders take their seats

forever in the audience.

The younger generations fill in the spots.

covering up those empty voids in the crowd.

Musicians find the best spots on stage.

Warming up their instruments

just like the sun begins to warm up the world.

The sounds that are heard seem quiet, tentative

Testing out how everything sounds.

The ones with the bigger sounds tend to wait till later.

Simply waiting for their solos

that happen further in the evening.

Everything begins to quiet down

Then the show begins.

The great light shines one the first group.

The smallest of musicians, yet, just as important, start with a hum.

Never getting loud enough to overpower one another.

Working together in perfect harmony.

Their sounds are so pretty, it sends your thoughts straight to the sky.

Souring around with the notes

Never fearing you’ll fall.

The elders sway with the memories,

Elated with the music that is beginning to form

Stronger and stronger with every new chirp and trill.

These harmonies seem to go on for hours.

Then their sounds drift quiet, but not going silent.

Staying in the back ground and giving support.

The spot light then drifts to the next players on the stage.

The new musicians start up next,

Not nearly as peaceful, but still just a beautiful.

The sounds are big and deep.

Sending your very being into the trees and brush.

Running right along with the beats

Never needing to gasp for breath to keep up.

They stretch their noise out for minutes at a time.

Making sure everyone in the audience can hear their deep songs.

The ways it echos off of everything it reaches

Sending shivers and goose bumps up and down the listeners limbs.

With the last of their breaths drawn

And no more sounds from the instruments,

The music finally comes to a close.

And the musicians wait.

Up with the spotlight, they are all faithful.

And tomorrow brings a new musical piece for the orchestra.

The audience tucks in and waits.

Because a new movement is only hours away

And it is always worth sticking around to hear.

Just to add it to the collections of memories.

The spotlight warms up and begins to shine.

The music starts again.

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