Who doesn’t love a good pirate story? From the adventures across the seven seas to the plundering and finding treasure, there is something dangerous and fun about pirates. Also the inevitable piece of a love story that follows these stories around that just makes them so catchy. In Jade Parker’s To Catch A Pirate you get just enough of the adventurous pirate stories we all love, along with, getting a really cute love story. She was able to take the real events of pirates and the pirate hunters that followed in their wakes and give life to a wonderful story.

So here’s the story:

Pirates were attaching her ship and taking everything. Dead bodies, fire, and broken wood lay everywhere on board as she runs by heading to the lifeboat. And that searing kiss…

My Rating: 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 of 5

Thinking back to that horrible day when her family lost everything on the crossing from England to the Caribbean, Annalisa Townsend is determined to find the pirates who cost her everything. Gaining a crew and ship of her own, Anna is ready to head out on to the sea searching for Crimson and his crew or at least where they keep their gold. But first, she is looking for one pirate that stole from her personally both her ring and a kiss. Sterling. He is the only one who can lead them directly to the pirate’s cove to find the treasure that was stolen from her father. But in the end, it might be a bit more than just the gold, ring, and a kiss that is stolen from Anna when the adventure is done.

James Sterling is a pirate from the feared Crimson’s crew. He’s been taught to take what he wants from those they are raiding and leave nothing behind. He lived for the thrill of it all and loved the life at sea. And he had it good until he met that young woman in the hold of a ship. He was stupid enough to only take the ring and it cost him everything. Now ship-less, land-bound, and a bounty on his head, Sterling captured by the captain of The Dangerous Lady and is now a prisoner on board the last ship he wants to be near. The very same woman that haunts his dreams and that ruined everything, holds his fate in her hands. Sterling is a pirate and always will be one though. And all pirates know how to get out of tight places and are very good at stealing things.

My Thoughts

I have a list of books that I am totally okay with reading over and over again and this is one of those books. I picked this book up a long time ago and have always loved this book! I usually suggest this book to any young readers who want a fun adventure story and still want to have a small amount of romantic interest things happening. It is one of those love stories that is so tastefully done, that it could easily make you giggle at times. But that could also me just being a dork about books and little romantic moments between to characters that are trying way to hard not to fall in love. This is not what I would classify as a romance book at all. You get a few kisses here and there which is the most that happens in the book. A lot of it is simply two people skirting around the edges of saying “I like you” which I find quite cute.

I will have to say that this book does have some similarities with some of the pirate stories that are out there. But that doesn’t knock this down any farther in my ranking. If you are looking for that little romance, pirates, and are wanting a quick read (trust me very quick read) this is the perfect book for you!

Favorite Quote

“‘Here,’ he said, scooping his hand through the water to lift out his find. ‘I told you the stars that fall from the sky land here.'” (143)

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