Felt a bit nostalgic today after I found this photo of my sisters and me when we were really young. So decided to write a piece about those simpler times. I know things are so different now that we can’t easily go back to the way I grew up, but it is always a nice thought.

So here is my personal poem:

There Once Was

I once knew of a world,

Where to say yes meant adventures.

Where anyone could make a promise and we would trust it.

Where we wore our hearts on our sleeves and emotions on our faces.

Where to live meant to try new things.

I once made a memory

While I was riding my bike and flying down roads with my friends.

With my siblings in the front yard, playing in the water spraying from the sprinkler.

When I climbed a tree so high I could see forever.

Where I stayed up late with friends and we played games all night.

I once knew of a time,

When to have fun meant going into the woods.

When anyone could come in and out of houses freely.

When we watched for streetlights before we turned in.

When to ask someone meant going to them first.

I once lived a day,

While I was captured by pirates and waited from my crew to save me.

With my friends by my side from morning till night, playing in the streets.

When I could finally be Simon and call the shots.

Where I was a great wizard protecting the realm.

I once got to live as crazy or as safe as my imagination made it that day.

I once had a chance to spend my whole days outside and only coming in to eat.

I once made a game from just picking up some sticks and leaves.

I once found a path through the woods that had no end.

There once was a moment when everything was simpler and easier.

I am very grateful to have had those times to enjoy, even though they are in the past.

I can always look back and remember them when I want and tell others of them too.

Always being able to start the stories with

There once was…

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