How dramatic! Soulmates bound together forever, but they are always in peril! But who doesn’t like a good love story without a bit of that drama playing out. I feel like deep down inside there are moments where we just want someone else to swoop in and save us. Just like some of the characters in books are able to come in and save the characters out books. In Cara Lynn Shultz’s book Spellbound the drama of star-crossed love plays out and we see Emma and Brendan having to fight their way through each day just to survive and hopefully break their curse.

So here’s the story:

Love spans through time itself especially when assisted by magic. But what if that love could be the death of you?

My Rating: 🐢🐢🐢🐢 of 5 turtles

Emma Conner is new to Vincent Academy and only has to survive two more years of high school before she can leave all the teenage gossip and cliques. Moving to New York to leave behind a difficult home life, she is determined to stay under the radar and start fresh at the new school. However, Emma never considered she’d meet The One she’s destined for. She is immediately intrigued with the rock-star looking hottie, Brendan Salinger, and she can’t figure out why she has such strong feelings towards him and he seems to feel the same way back.

Now a weeks into the semester and some weird things are starting to happen to the sixteen-year-old that she can’t quite explain. And for some reason it happens more and more the longer she spends time with Brendan. Streetlights burn out above her, dreams of a woman and roses almost every night that leave her feeling scared, and she seems to always be winding up in some sort of trouble. Is someone or something trying to warn her to stay away from the person she feels so strongly for? It feels like something has started and Emma and Brendan aren’t sure if they are prepared enough to face whatever it is or if they are strong enough to save each other.

It’s a story written centuries before them to be played out time and time again. Until one day they both survive the curse. One has to be stronger, one has to be faster, and one of them has to be selfless. If not, then all is lost for them both.

My Thoughts

There are definitely times when all I want is a good damsel and white knight story and this is the one I tend to go to and read. Just so you know, the damsel, Emma, is very good and holding her own against the troubles and trails that stir up in her life. So it isn’t a complete damsel in distress story, but I still love it. It has a really nice love story and for a YA romance it is well done! And of course every love story need a bit of danger and saving done! Which this one definitely has.

This is a story that I have seen done a few times before with the whole reincarnated soulmates cursed to walk the Earth and always witnessing one of them dying stick. BUT the way Shultz is able to do it in this one is still one of my favorite renditions of it. I will have to say one of the more out their story devices that is used would be the magic aspect of the story. Without saying to much because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, I can understand the spots where it helps smooth over some of the transitions and at the very end of the story as well (when you get there in the book you’ll understand); however, I feel like it was used more to assist the curse aspect of the story than it being really necessary. I do know that the magic parts come out a bit more in the sequel to this book – which I plan on having the review up for that soon – so perhaps my opinion will change a bit towards this. Despite this, I do appreciate that Shultz brought magic into New York City and made it seem even possible.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and if you are a sucker for a good love story, this is the book for you!

Favorite Quote

“You cannot find beauty in this small creature? It can fly – we cannot. Its jacket is bright red and spotted. We are simply plain. If you cannot see the glory in the palm of my hand, what chance have you to see beauty anywhere else?” (128)

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