There are some times when I read or hear someone say a really fancy word and I absolutely love it! It sounds super pretty and makes it seem so much more than what it really is. I’m guilty of using words that are definitely not in the standard vernacular. (Like right there. Who still uses the word vernacular?) I don’t mean to use them to sound above those in my social groups. I just use them without thinking. Trust me, there are times when I am stopping mind conversation to explain what a word means because I realized that it isn’t a usual word. It just sort of is who I am. I guess all the reading I’ve done in my life and the schooling I’ve had has finally rubbed off! Ha!

And then there are times when I come across a word either spoken or written and all I want to do is roll my eyes at them and ask, “Why? There was a much simpler way of putting that.” Or as I learned from my college years: K.I.S.S the problem dummy and move on with your time.

K.I.S.S. means: Keep It Simple Stupid. This has been an invaluable saying in my life, especially while I was in college. I wanted to try and get everything I could into all the projects. But sometimes you just can’t make everything work in your favor and you just have to leave it alone and move on. So when I learned of K.I.S.S, I say it to remind me that things don’t have to be 100% perfect, nor will they ever be.

The English Language is so complex and can easily have five different words to mean a single thing. But that is the beauty of language, isn’t? It’s one of the reasons I find words and language so fascinating.

I’m always playing around with finding synonyms to words when I’m writing. I think I picked up this habit a little while I was in High School and wanted to sound way better than I really was in my writings. I usually end up with staying with the first word I wrote down, but it is so much fun looking at what other words I could use if I wanted to.

Here is a short little poem with a bunch of fancy words that I had a lot of fun using.



The art of gliding words to sound delightful and sophisticated

can be both enticing and balderdash in conversations.

The long winded use of extravagant words seems to elevate the current discourse.

This allows for the supposed intellectual and posh individuals

To appear above the plebeians in the communities.

However, this also allows those who are unsuspecting to dash forward.

Vaulting above the stigmas associated with anyone other than the knowledgeable entities.

They throw stereotypes off-kilter because the once grand representations of knowing things

Become achievable by a singleton, and that is horrendous to some minds.

This very thing of embellishing your tongue is both mystifying and terrifying.

Captivating and freeing, and it is very attainable to any who wish it.

Don’t let the fancy words scare or frighten you away from learning your language.

Words hold the power to most things in this gigantic world of ours.

There are some occasions when exaggerating and adorning words are simply for looks.

And when in doubt of your meaning getting across,

Simplicity is better to convey purpose.

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