Before going on, this is the second book to the book Spellbound. Which is one that I wrote a book review on the other day. So if you haven’t read that book there will be some sort of spoilers ahead even if I try to mitigate that as much as I can.

Cara Lynn Shultz’s Spellcaster is a perfect continuation for the soulmates from the first book! It picks up a few months after the Anthony attack and keeps going onto the next danger that the two lovers must face, someone from the past. This is a story about when your past catches up to you and serves up a cold plate of revenge.

So here’s the story:

My Rating: 🐢🐢🐢🐢 of 5 turtles

Magic is alive in New York and there is a new witch in training. Emma Connor is still new to the whole witch world, but after discovering she is a born-witch, and a strong one at that, she sets her mind to learning and developing her skills under Angelique’s schooling. After barely surviving the attack from Anthony, Emma and Brendan are just happy to be enjoying some normal teenage things for once and are looking forward to the life ahead. However, their peaceful times might be ending just as quick as it started. Someone is starting to stir-up problems again and is pulling Brendan down with it. Leaving Emma to figure out who is trying to sabotage her happy relationship.

With a lunar eclipse fast approaching and Angelique’s witch-senses tingling, something bad is going to happen and it’s only the matter of time before someone gets hurt. Can the power of a new witch and love of soulmates be strong enough to help Emma and Brendan make it through this next round of troubles? Emma faces the hard facts that she isn’t going to be able to protect everyone, but she is determined to try or go down trying.

My Thoughts

What a great way to kick off the next book! I am super happy that we are still following with our two original characters from the first book, Emma and Brendan! I fell in love with the new witch and white night. In this book, we definitely get to see more of a relationship blooming between these two and I really appreciate that. Sometimes in the first books authors write we don’t always get to see a full development of some relationships. Since Shultz did continue it, I’m glad she didn’t just wave off the relationship as simply a soulmate type vibe, but gave it real life from all the problems to the good times too.

I understand a lot better about the magic that was incorporated in the first book. I know you should always trust the author and their own writings but sometimes I get a little worried that there are too many things happening in a story than necessary. But it was a really nice setup for this book since this one is a basically focused on the magic that Emma has and Angelique helping her develop her powers. And then of course trying to get ahead and defeat the evil things out to get Emma and Brendan.

This book was super cute and I really appreciate the fact that Shultz brought back the dramatic love that I enjoyed from the first book while still giving the new book it’s own light to shine. I would definitely suggest this one to anyone who read the first book – obviously! Also, if you are on the edge of picking up the first one (or want to skip that one and start this one for one reason or another) this one is full of the YA romance feels and a great time to follow a new young witch test out her powers. It is full of humor and get one liners that I love and I hope you do too!

Favorite Quote

“Bacon is the nectar of the gods, it’s blasphemy what they did to it.” (261)

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