I love getting random writing prompts and then finding a way to create something out of it. So the prompt that I was given was:

A blind man falls in love, describe how he feels.

If you feel inspired by this one, let me know! I wanna know what you come up with from this prompt. Here is my inspired piece from this prompt.

Love Let Me See

To see beauty in the purest form,

is something that can’t be taught.

There are no outside influences that can help.

You just know when you see it, especially captured in the one you love.

I see an extraordinary personality.

One that wins over anyone she talks to.

She has an optimistic point of view that’s very contagious.

Sweeter than any person I know.

I’m blinded by her voice.

It carries her smile in every word

Rarely does a frown crisp the sound.

Her laugh is like a beautiful chime.

I gape at her actions.

Always assisting those in her life.

She doesn’t want anything in turn.

There is an honest, giving heart inside her.

I’m stunned by her touches.

They are always gentle and caring.

Yet, still shows her strength with every grip.

I never feel lost while she’s near me.

She brings the Sun, Stars, and Moon

to my dark world.

I get to experience Colors, Lights, and Shapes

through her love.

My world of Feeling, Tasting, and Smelling

has exploded into so much more with her.

She is beautiful from these things and so many more.

And I love her with everything I have.

She has given me sight

When I have none.

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