I’ve been in a poetry and writing kick lately. So here’s another random writing prompt I was given:

They looked up at the sky and saw a million stars.

Does it inspire you at all? What did you create with this prompt?

I feel like I’m going to use this one a few time more in the future. Here is my take on it. Enjoy!

Captured Dreams

We stand outside and just gaze up.

The stars glint beautifully against the black.

Each one representing a new dream we all have.

Captured in the night sky to remind us of our thoughts.

They shine to show us the way to our goals.

If we miss the mark, we are still going to land among treasures.

Each one up there is our wildest imaginations come to life.

There are new stars glowing all the time.

We should never forget to create new ideas and dreams.

The old ones and new ones are always around for us to work towards.

The hardest part is to remember to look up and see them shine.

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