A Court of Thorns and Roses is the start of the Court series that Sarah J. Maas is still writing books for and a series that I love so much! Currently, there are four books in the series – well three books and a smaller one that she released in 2018 that was more a teaser and I feel like was pushed early to hold off her fans till for a little bit longer, which I was okay with. Filled with faeries, magic, love, bargains, and survival, this book checked off so many of my ‘Love It!’ boxes. I keep going back for more!

This book as a whole is pretty amazing! I was blown away with the amount of description and detail that Maas put into this book. While I am reading, I really feel like I’ve become Feyre and can feel and see the world that this character is experiencing (it helps that Maas wrote her as an artist, the world is gorgeous through that perspective). I feel all of the emotions she goes through and eternalizes throughout the book. You can feel the cold the of forest she hunts in and the feel of the ground during the festivals. It even felt as if I could smell the roses and the paints at the manor. Not to mention all of feels from the pain, the feel of the reeking mud, and the smell of the blood from under the mountain. No matter how many times I have read this book each sentences still hit me like the first time. Maas has magic when it comes to her writing!

My Rating 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 of 5 turtles

I got so invested with the characters in this book! Maas created characters that I have fallen in love with. Watching each of the characters develop on the pages is one of the things that I love to follow in books. It really shows how much time the author has to help grow their characters. Also, I feel that it draws the reader farther into the world and the situations that get stirred up. Of course my favorite person from this book would be Feyre! She is so strong-willed and willing to go to whatever length to help those that she loves safe and cared for. However, I guess if I had to choose a second individual it would be Lucien. He is so snarky and witty that I love his personality so stinking much.

The story is full of so many fantastic elements of the fantasy world. It contains so many different variations of faerie that it seems too many to count at some points. I love this idea too. It shows how diverse this other world to Feyre really is and isn’t as one dimensional as it originally seemed. With each faerie having something unique, there never seems to be a moment when you aren’t learning something more about the magical beings. And speaking of magical, the magic that some of the faerie have! Even with magic suppressed it is so cool. Makes me wish that we lived in a world where magic would be a thing. Heck, where anything from the Prythian was a thing – minus the naga, puka, and bogge.

There is so much I could say, but I feel like towards the end I would just end up repeating myself and simply swing back around to saying, “It was an amazing and phenomenal story!”. So I’ll simply leave it at that, this book was an amazing and phenomenal story. I seem to find new things that catch my attention each time I read through it.

I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone! Seriously, read it! I feel like everyone should give all of Sarah Maas’ books a chance, but that is me being biased towards her work!

I’ll be doing an overall series recap once I put up the other book reviews from the Court series, so stay tuned for more being posted up!

Favorite Quote

“a promise was law; a promise was currency; a promise was your bond” (16)

Time to get lost in the next story!

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