For as long as I have known this word I’ve never thought about this simple breakdown. To call something ‘impossible’ is to go ahead a write it off as not achievable. It is something that we can’t get done or do at all. But if you approach situations that might be labeled as impossible and see it as something you can do you are embodying this quote.

‘I’m possible’ gives me a chance to take moments when I feel way out of my comfort zone and at least try and tackle it. In the end, if it is something that is truly impossible, I can at least say that I attempted it. And since it is impossible, trying it wont kill you. You might learn from the trials of that particular challenge and it will only better you as an individual.

Just slow down and ask ‘is it impossible?’ or just a difficult challenge that is truly yelling ‘i’m possible’ but you just have to earn it.

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