Hope everyone’s Monday went well! Found another random prompt recently and felt inspire to write up a little poem for all of your enjoyments. It also made me realize how much I miss the ocean. Can’t wait to get back to the place where my heart feels at home.

The view from the lighthouse excited even the most seasoned traveler.

Feel inspired? I wanna know what you might come up with!

A Wave

The sway of the deep blue, bobs seagulls and their chatter.

It moves the frothy white bubbles closer to the cliffs.

A roar of water comes spilling over the sand and stone.

Then, the hissing retreat sucks back all the wonders found.

One thought on “A Wave

  1. The Journey…
    Arrival’s joy is a fickle thrill
    That beguiles the imagination,
    But happy are they who make their peace
    With the journey, not the destination.
    Written by friend …Connie Fenner

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