Happy Father’s Day to all the guys! Whether you are a father, a father figure to someone, or a father to any animal families out there, you guys are amazing and I wish you the best day!

Here is my poem for Father’s Day! Enjoy!

A Dad’s Wise Words

It was just you two before there were three

and you were willing to share her with me.

You were with her through it all,

Then they brought you that small wrapped doll.

You promised to love me as I grew

And taught me all of Life’s How-to’s

“I will love you always, my little bean.

You will grow up and be a queen.

Don’t grow to fast or wish it away,

Live each moment day by day.

Be kind and loving toward everyone,

and to enjoy life and have some fun.

But no matter where you go or what you do,

I will always be right there with you.”

Thank you for always helping me up when I’m down

And for knowing how to wipe away a frown.

Thank you for listening to everything I’ve said

and for always helping me to look ahead.

You’ve kept me grounded all through the years

As I’ve faced the good times and my fears.

I’ve become strong with you as my guide

And will always remember to take things in stride.

You are the best father to be had,

I am proud to call you Dad.

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