As a massive fan of any books written by Sarah J. Maas, I have been eagerly awaiting her next book in the Court series. And it is coming out soon! Well, soon-ish.

A Court of Silver Flames is coming out January 26, 2021!

Maas’ fans have been waiting since the 2018 with her release of A Court of Frost and Starlight for another one in this series. That book ended up being a shorter book and a tease for those of us in love with the series. It was a beautiful glimpse into what has happened since the previous book, A Court of Wing and Ruin which was released in 2017, and had me wishing the next one was already out. And now it is 4 years later.

I can’t say that I really count A Court of Frost and Starlight as the next book in the series. More like a 3.5 release and A Court of Silver Flames is book 4 and the book we have really been waiting for. And even thought Maas took a short break from the world of Prythian and gave us Crescent City’s House of Blood and Earth, I’m glad we are getting the next one in the Court series!

I hope that this next book helps flush out some of the more personalities I have grown to love! I am very excited to read from a different character’s point-of-view too. From what I’ve read, Maas has written this book as a Nesta, Feyre’s sister, and I can’t wait to finally hear what she has been holding back behind that cool and icy exterior. And to see if some of the theories I have about her and other characters are true.

It is already up for pre-release if any of you have been waiting for the next one like I have. I have one on order already and couldn’t help but smile the entire time with anticipation! If you haven’t read this series, I highly recommend them all! You have a little over 6 months to start them to be caught up. Get to reading!

January can’t get here fast enough!

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