I am so excited for this next year to get here already! My preorders for book releases are filling up with the amount coming out in 2021. It might be that I had so much time to read this year and found more series. Or since the authors are probably stuck at home they’ve been busy writing up a storm. But I feel like there are so many more books coming out this next year than I have ever had pending before. No matter what, I am very grateful for the books that will be pouring in throughout next year.

Currently, I am sitting at 5 books that will be coming out throughout the entirety of 2021. Which will only grow from here. I plan on putting up posts for each of the ones I am currently waiting on with my thoughts and ideas about them. Here is the list of the books and the release dates for them.

  • A Court of Silver Flame by Sarah J. Maas (Feb 16)
  • Covet by Tracy Wolff (March 2)
  • The Crown of Gilded Bone by Jennifer Armentrout (April 20)
  • Grace and Glory by Jennifer Armentrout (June 1)
  • When Night Breaks by Janella Angeles (Aug 24)

I always get excited when I can put in a preorder for a book. And since I do them so far in advance, when the books are finally shipped or arrive at my house I feel like I just got a fantastic gift! If you haven’t preordered a book before and it is a part of a series you really enjoy, do it! It is a treat just for yourself. And I know that these dates are preset way in advance; however, there have been moments when these books show and just brighten my week.

If any more books pop up on my book release radar I’ll be sure to keep everyone up to date. And each post I do will have a Release Date Countdown Clock ticking along for each book. I have all the days circled in my calendar. Now they just need to finally arrive! Not that I want to wish away 2021, I just want to start reading some more wonderful and capturing stories.

Are there are books you guys are eagerly awaiting in the new year? What are they and how far behind am I in reading the series (if there is one)? If you guys knew about any of the ones I listed, are you looking forward to any of them?

Can’t wait for 2021 to step in and start patching us up after 2020 with all of these fantastic books!

Here’s to us eagerly waiting by the door for the new year to kick off. Bringing in not only cheer and well-wishes but all of those books just waiting to arrive too!

Keep wagging those tails guys, it is almost here!

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