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Book 3 is Released!!

Warning these books are going to suck you in and hold your attention so well, next thing you know you are finishing book two. And the biggest question is, when did I buy the second book?…

I honestly binged the first two books in easily two days. They were great! I was told I would really enjoy this series, since I enjoyed the Twilight series so much as I was growing up. Man, if that wasn’t the absolute truth! From Jaxon and Hudson to the paranormal groups and magic this series just keeps you bouncing from one to the next. It also helps that Tracy Wolff has a wonderfully horrible way to leave a catchy cliff-hanger that just keeps you wanting more at the end of both book 1 and book 2.

So don’t worry too much, Book 3 is on the way!

March 2, 2021

Spoilers ahead for the previous books. Read at your own RISK!

I am really eager to see what will happen between the main characters and the – now – love triangle that has developed. I honestly can’t tell who I’m hedging for more as the one who gets to be with Grace. But I am totally falling for Hudson! The whole badass, black prince front protecting the truly soft, teddy bear guy on the inside sort of melts my heart. But I am also a deep fan of Rhysand sooo there is that. (If you don’t know who that is or why it relates. I highly recommend looking up Court of Thorns and Roses.) Also, I feel that the guy got a bad deal since he was basically forgotten by the only person who could have heard him in the first place. So yeah, Hudson is my hope!

Also, I wanna know what happens to the only other gargoyle we have ever met! We are told that the vamp king wiped out that entire race, yet here is Grace and then we are thrown ANOTHER ONE? And he can talk to Grace in her head? What?? I really hope this is something that continues and we get to learn more about this other individual. Maybe he can teach Grace more about being a gargoyle, because honestly she is purely stumbling upon these powers of her’s and I’m starting to feel bad for her. We are learning that being a gargoyle is supposed to be pretty kick butt. If they weren’t something to be feared, then why would their entire race be targeted for genocide? And there is no one to teacher about this stuff. So I hope she gets to learn something or at least gain a teacher once they free him.

Speaking of powers… you guys.. did anyone else see those powers at the end of Crush? I mean that whole stadium came down. Then the digging and the forest. The amount of control and raw damage is crazy. I absolutely want to know more and see more of all that! I just hope that these powers aren’t too much for the story’s plot. I am curious to see what the limitations are going to be for such a destructive power.

Then there are the jokes! Wolff has me totally hooked on dad jokes thanks to the first two books from this series. And we still haven’t heard the punch line to the stinking pirate joke! (Yes, it is easy enough to look up. And I am sure I know the punch line to it; however, I am still waiting for the characters to finally tell each other!) I swear, that joke will be strung across all 4 of the books for this series at this rate. The other jokes she has scattered throughout the books are fantastic though. I am so ready to build up more ammo to have at hand when I need to pull out a dad joke. Bring them on Wolff!

March just seems too far away especially when I start to think of even more questions I have from the books. Or when I begin to daydream about how I would like the series to start heading. But at least it is only March 2021 and not farther in to the future than that.

Thank you Wolff for not making us wait a long time for more! Time to anxiously wait for March to arrive!

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