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Book 3 is Released!

Is anyone else just taken away with this series? Just me? Jennifer Armentrout has yet again created an amazing series and I just don’t know what to do with my free time while waiting for the next book to come out. And I can’t even complain about the release times either. I found this series last year and the final one is already being published this year. So, it isn’t like we have been waiting terribly long. Armentrout has definitely reached beast mode with so many book releases coming out this year especially considering she had some come out last year too!

The Harbinger series has become a favorite of mine! I love the characters that were in Storm and Fury and the ones that we have still in Rage and Ruin. It will be truly interesting to see who sticks around in this final book of the series! As long as we get to keep Peanut, I’m good! Love that little guy, even though he really wasn’t as involved in the 2nd book. He deals out some great jokes and I can usually count on a hell of a laugh when he enters the scene!

And for those who are reading and have followed the series, is anyone else in love with the cover? What a perfect one to end on for this series! And with all three of them together, Gorgeous! We don’t have to wait to long to get ahold of this beauty. Then it will be time to read the last of Trinity’s world saving adventure – which I’m sure she is more than ready for the struggle to be done with!

June 1, 2021 will be here soon enough!

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