Hey everyone!! I’ve got some exciting news for all of those who like their stories with just a dash of secrecy and whole lot of sexy. A cover reveal for Secrets! Just a heads up – this is an erotica anthology – if you want something a bit more tamed, you should totally take a look at Love at First Sip a romantic anthology that looks stunning!

This is an anthology that is open to pre-ordering now and is released on November 19. It is going to be full of some sexy stories! Down below is a quick summary of the anthology and a BEAUTIFUL cover!


Seven salacious stories guaranteed to sizzle with the promise of whispered secrets and steamy reveals.

From dominant strangers to intimate mistresses, wild west gang leaders to sinister witches, there is something here for every flavor, bound together by one simple fact—a secret. Unwrap these scintillating mysteries layer by layer to reveal delicious confessions.

Join contributing authors P. Stormcrow, E.R. King, Jyvur Entropy, Maria Rush, Alix & Nick Hicks, Lucy Luscious, and Dee Rasha, on the exploration of sensuality heightened by the unknown. 

This diverse selection of spicy tales will be sure to stay with you long after you read them.

And here is the cover!!

Isn’t that cover absolutely delicious? And the stories inside are just as scrumptious. Readers have plenty of spicy stories to choose from dominant cowboys, spanked virgins, and all kinds of pain and pleasure. 

Get yourself an end of the year treat or get a naughty present for a friend. 

This collection of diverse smut is available for preorder now! Released November 19th!

Goodreads | Pre-order link

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