You guys! I am super excited for this release coming out in January! I don’t know if you guys are in to mysteries, but I have been on a serious kick for them lately. And I have found another author that does a series based in Hawaii. Who doesn’t want to read and learn more about that amazing place?! That is one place that I would totally visit and perhaps after this series, I’ll know where to stay away from just to be safe.

The author’s name is Robert McCaw and his mystery series is the Koa Kāne Mystery. McCaw’s upcoming book is called Treachery Times Two.

Look at this cover!

What is it About?

The book kicks off with a mutilated body of a woman, that was hidden in an abandoned cemetery, being unearthed during an earthquake. The search of her identity leads the head detective, Koa Kāne, to trouble and opens up a whole lot more than just a murder victim’s name. By stepping a little too far, Koa finds himself caught up in an FBI investigation of Deimos, a powerful secret military weapon. But, can he trust the FBI in telling him everything or is there more on the agenda than what they have said?

However, with the balancing act of FBI and the Hilo Police Department happening, some of his past is coming back to bite. A family member of his father’s nemesis, the very same one he killed thirty years ago – and covered up – is digging up the past and looking for answers. Koa is forced to investigate his own homicide and finds that his cover up leads to a man innocent of the crime. Can this lawful, self-atoning officer let an innocent man take the fall for his crimes?

The Release Date is:

January 4th, 2022

Which, might I add, is officially less than a month away. Holy snap that is crazy! But is plenty of time to still read the other books if you want to follow with the series. If not, then this book is quite do able as a stand alone read!

The book is the fourth in this series (so I have some catching up to do for the first set of books). But when I heard that there was a new book coming out, I had to share the news!

Extra News!

I totally plan on doing a review for this upcoming book – so keep an eye out in the future for my thoughts on Treachery Times Two. Also, there is a chance for me to do another Author Spotlight Post with Robert McCaw!! How cool is that! A little treat to all of you!

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  1. I really like your posts. They are always informatory and a delight to my senses. It, also, doesn’t hurt that your my granddaughter. Keep um coming.

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