Length: 336 pgs / n/a mins audio

Overall: 🐒🐒🐒🐒


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Writing Style:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Character Development:

Rating: 3 out of 5.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Get your rain slicker on ’cause shit is gonna come pouring down.”

Treachery Times Two by Robert McCaw

The Story:

On Hawaii Island, a volcanic earthquake disrupts an abandoned cemetery – unearthing the body of a woman mutilated by her killer to conceal her identity.

The search for her identity leads Hilo Hawaii’s Chief Detective Koa Kane to a mysterious defense contractor with a politically connected board of directors. Defying his chief of police, Koa pursues the killer, only to become entangled in an FBI espionage investigation of Deimos, a powerful secret military weapon. Is the FBI telling all it knows – or does it, too, have a duplicitous agenda?

At the same time, Koa – a cop who thirty years earlier killed his father’s nemesis and covered up the murder – faces exposure by the dead man’s grandson. Koa is forced to investigate his own homicide, and step by step, his cover-up unravels until another man is falsely accused.

Can Koa stand by and let an innocent man pay for his crime?

Key Elements:

Mystery, Murder, Detective, Espionage, Hawaii, Sabotage, Thriller

Others in Series:

Book 1: Death of a Messenger

Book 2: Off the Grid

Book 3: Fire and Vengeance

Why This Rating?

I thought that this was quite an enjoyable book to read! It was a great mystery full of spies, crime, and a lot of secrets! Plus, we got to basically explore Hawaii through the eyes of a detective. How awesome is that?? I think McCaw does a brilliant job at bringing a piece of Hawaii to my own home. There are descriptions throughout the story of places around the island that are so pretty. I was on multiple occasions looking up some of the very places they were going to in the book. I found pictures of both Coconut Island (with the tower in the background) and the Waimanu Valley. They are stunning places from the looks of the pictures!

Another thing I really enjoyed from this book was the fact that McCaw also managed to integrate the use of the Hawaiian language into this book with such a beautiful touch. Even though I am not familiar with the language or the pronunciations, I had no trouble in understanding what was happening when these occurred. Robert McCaw did a fantastic job at including either a translation of what was said or a description of what was used (i.e. flowers, titles, locations, etc.). – Side note: By the way, if anyone can find a cite where we can actually hear these Hawaiian words, I would love to know what that is! I looked but wasn’t able to find one that works well.

I do want to state that I love the fact that, even though this is the forth book, you can confidently and comfortably read this as a stand alone story. McCaw has cleverly included plenty of information about our characters and our main detective, Koa Kane, in such a way that I don’t feel left out of knowledge or during interactions. This makes the series so easy to pick up and start reading no matter which one you have. This is also why, on many cites, you will see this series written in different orders. They are easily moved around since they are written in this fashion (although the list above comes from the book itself, so this is the way it would essentially be read).

My biggest complaint is older readers are having to reread information that was told or explained in book 1 or other books because of this type of writing. By allowing any book to be picked up in the series, things are bound to be restated and might come across as being repetitive. Although, it does help with recapping things or people from past books that you might have forgotten about. So, maybe it is just a silver lining type of a deal!

I totally recommend this book to any of my fellow mystery lovers out there! I was really happy with the twists and turns that we go through to solve the crime. It was always keeping a few steps ahead of what I thought would happen, so I was never bored with what I was reading. It as a whole left the story at a great pace for the reader. There were moments when I felt the pressure that Koa was feeling from the investigations and the excitement he was experiencing when he was on a lead. The way the book ends is great! I can totally see and anticipate more from the Hawaiian PD.

Time to get lost in the next story!

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