Happy Spooky Season Everyone!!

I am always so excited when the leaves start turning and the weather starts to get that crisp feel to the air. It means that the best scary, spooky stuff is about to start up and it is fantastic! There aren’t any decorations up around my house yet but there will be soon. And I can’t wait to carve some pumpkins. I don’t know if anyone else does this, but we always save the seeds from the pumpkins, dry them out, and roast them with some oil and salt. These pumpkin seeds fly out of my house since they are so yummy and a wonderful treat to get every year! Well worth the time you take going through the pumpkin guts to find every single seed.

Plus, it is an absolutely gorgeous season with the leaves changing colors all around. If any of you get a chance to head into the Appalachian Mountains this time of year and stick towards the southern states, they are stunning. Just be careful to pay attention to where you are going and don’t get distracted by the scenery! We head up to mountains to get fresh apples and apple cider every October so we get to see the start of this change happening. It doesn’t matter how many years we get to go, it is still beautiful!

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And for those of you who the season shift means it is time to crack into that scary stuff, heck yeah it is! Hang up those bats and spiderwebs! Grab those bones and tombstones! It is time to get decorating! I love seeing how creative everyone gets with the spooky stuff. I’ve seen a family that has a whole bunch of skeletons they set up on the front lawn and they get moved around as the month progresses. They are doing different things all the time from “mowing the lawn” to bagging up bodies. It is so creative!

I hope you guys find some fantastic reads this month! I decided to give graphic novels a chance, tis’ the season I guess. There was something about the way 30 Days of Night was drawn screamed the perfect scary I was looking for this month. Most of my reads are scary now that I look at them. Well, except Dead and Breakfast. That one is meant to be the comfy cozy mystery that it sounds like. And A Broken Blade just looked too good to skip the TBR list. I’ll definitely need some kind of a cushion in between the terrifying Christine and The Talisman!

Have a wonderful Halloween my fellow readers!

My Reading List for October 2022:

30 Days of Night By Steve Niles & Ben Templesmith

In a sleepy, secluded Alaska town called Barrow, the sun sets and doesn’t rise for over thirty consecutive days and nights. From the darkness, across the frozen wasteland, an evil will come that will bring the residents of Barrow to their knees. The only hope for the town is the Sheriff and Deputy, husband and wife who are torn between their own survival and saving the town they love.

Dead and Breakfast By Kate Kingsbury

Melanie West is getting her life back on track after a messy divorce when her grandmother, Liza Harris, asks her to open a B&B with her. Together, Liza and Melanie purchase a purportedly haunted mansion on the Oregon coast and jump right into clearing out the cobwebs. But while attempting to remove wallpaper in an upstairs bedroom, the new B&B owners stumble upon a very real skeleton in their closet.

The police suspect the skeleton is that of the wife of the previous owner of the B&B, but no one in town seems to want to say much about her. As the inn owners try to juggle renovations with their own amateur investigations, their grand opening looms closer and closer–and a friendly ghost in their walls starts playing tricks. But it all comes crashing to a halt when a new body is found stabbed to death on the beach below the inn–the victim chillingly close in resemblance to Melanie herself.

It seems someone doesn’t appreciate newcomers prying into the small town’s past, and now it’s up to Melanie and Liza to get to the bottom of these murders to save their business…and their lives.

A Broken Blade By Melissa Blair

Keera is a killer. As the King’s Blade, she is the most talented spy in the kingdom. And the King’s favored assassin. When a mysterious figure called the Shadow starts making moves against the Crown, Keera is forced to hunt the masked menace down.

She crosses into the magical lands of the Fae, trying to discern if her enemy is Mortal, Elf, or a Halfling like her. But the Faeland is not what it seems, and neither is the Shadow. Keera is shocked by what she discovers and can’t help but wonder who her enemy truly is…

The King that destroyed her people? The Prince that tortures them? Or the Shadow that threatens her place at court?

As she searches for answers, Keera is haunted by a promise she made long ago. A promise not only to save herself but an entire kingdom. 

Christine By Stephen King

Just Another Lovers’ Triangle, Right?

It was love at first sight. From the moment seventeen-year-old Arnie Cunningham saw Christine, he knew he would do anything to possess her.

Arnie’s best friend, Dennis, distrusts her—immediately.

Arnie’s teen-queen girlfriend, Leigh, fears her the moment she senses her power.

Arnie’s parents, teachers, and enemies soon learn what happens when you cross her.

Because Christine is no lady. She is Stephen King’s ultimate, blackly evil vehicle of terror…

The Talisman By Stephen King & Peter Straub

You are about to take a journey… a terrifying trip across America where young Jack Sawyer is searching for the Talisman, the only thing that can save his dying mother. His quest takes him into the menacing Territories where violence, surprise and the titanic struggle between good and evil reach across a mythic landscape… a journey into the dark heart of horror. 

Trick or Treat! Grab that chocolate while reading! It will help with those scary scenes.

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