Length: 220 pgs / N/A audio

Overall: 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Writing Style:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Character Development:

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

The portal was opening!”

The Search for Synergy by Brett Salter

The Story:

“The Search For Synergy” is the first book in The Talisman Series by author Brett Salter. It follows the exploits of two middle-school boys, Rome Lockheed and Julian Rider, as they transition from normal kids into epic warriors fighting for the existence of the Earth realm. Rome is secretly a fire dragon from the Den of Volcana placed under a spell which hides his true form. Julian is an oddball, up-and-coming knight with a case of the “try-hards”. Together, they perform an ancient pact which bonds their lives and souls forever. Under the tutelage and guidance of an eccentric, local librarian, Mr. Jones, the two learn of an impending invasion from an archaic evil desperate to invade from the other side of The Void.

Key Elements:

Fantasy, Dragons, Knights, Magic, Camelot, Librarian, Portals, War Against Evil, Friendship, Humor, Middle School,

Others in Series:

Book 2: Riders of Fire and Ice

Book 3: Windy City Ruins

Book 4: The Battle of Verdana

Book 5: Desperate Tides, Desperate Measures

Why This Rating?

Full Disclosure, I received an advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for a voluntary honest review.

I had so much fun reading this book! Yes, I know it is for the middle school age, but hey a good book is a good book. And you like what you like. In this case, we get to see dragons, knights, magic, there are links back to Camelot (which I love Arthurian stories and legends), portals, and evil things to fight. Who wouldn’t want to read a book that has this stuff?? These all give high hopes for a strong kick off for a Book 1 and it delivers.

I think the friendship that grows between Rome and Julian is wonderful. The quick wit that Jules has is quite funny. There were a few lines in there that had me quickly barking with laughter it was so good. I see a lot of potential for this him while he is growing up. Hopefully he keeps that humor! As for Rome, his loyalty to friendship is so beautiful in such a young man. You can see that he definitely commits 100% of himself to something he believes in. And this applies not only to his friendship, but now to this new found power of being a dragon! Not going to lie, the interactions with Mr. Rider were actually a little funny. I know that Mr. Rider would not think that is amusing, but as Rome put it, when you talk in “Ole English” it can be hilarious. Especially since this is happening in current time in Canton, Georgia. I am from Georgia and trust me IF there are individuals that speak this way round me, they would be getting the ‘Ole Southern’ saying of “Bless Your Heart” constantly! (If you know, you know 😉).

I only had thing that I wasn’t sure if it fit in the story – and this could be entirely due to not having any kids of my own. Towards the end of the book there is a suggestion that these 13/14 year-olds might be traveling abroad through their school to England to study for a few weeks. I think this is a fantastic opportunity for people to take if they are able to; however, isn’t that something that happens in later High school grades or even college levels? I don’t ever recall someone as young as that being able to head over there to study, but I could be very wrong. This was the only thing that brought me out of the story while reading. And considering it is towards the end, can’t complain too much there!

This would definitely be a series worth reading for any fantasy lover out there. Just remember that this story is for Middle grade level readers. So if your kids are interested in reading about fantasy themed stories this is the one to hand to them! Or if they are just starting to test the water of the reading world, see if any of the things I listed above sounds interesting to them. I would like to think that this will be a perfect start up for them. And since it is a series, they can keep going if they really enjoy the fun Rome and Julian are having! It is full of adventure, great friendship, and some good laughs too!

Time to get lost in the next story!

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