Here is another personal writing I did years ago. I know it is cliché to write about trees and their connections to everything. However, they are just beautiful and inspiring thing to work into pieces.

My Life Tree

My roots are deep

Buried with Love and Hardship

Growing at the perfect rate

Living life while laughing the whole time

Not wanting to wait while getting from point A to point B

But still enjoying every last minute in between

Slow and steady wins the race

My Trunk grows round

Expanding with all the experiences of life

All the things I’ve encountered

The sun shinning and warming me up

The rain beating down, yet giving me sustenance

Storms raging all around and slamming into me

Attempting to tear me down

A beautiful breeze giving me the kindness and love

Which helps me keep on going

My trunk may have gashes and knots

But what trunk is prefect?

My branches are long

They stretch to all my favorite people and places

Both near and far

Getting lost in the branches is only half the fun

Look around and finding my hideouts tucked into them

Some of the limbs are broken and some splitting

As they reach to some of the places

Pain has placed roadblocks down those paths

Each needing time to mend and heal

Never quite the same but still surviving afterwards

Life is a about the journey not a destination

My leaves are Free

They travel to all the destinations yet to be seen

And drift back towards the memories I’ve made

Scattering all my hopes

Falling where I’m supposed to go

Spinning in the air as they carelessly plummet towards reality

Not changing or withering away

Developing their own personalities

Being who they were born to be.

I’m from a place of my own

Imagination roams all around

Stories help pass the time

Emotions help feed the days

Adventures help grow the soul

This Life helps build my Tree

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