I know that everyone hits that one day during the week that all you want to do is be lazy. And everyone has their own way of being lazy on that wonderful day. Here are a few things that I do on my lazy days.

The First way to spend a lazy day: Curled up under the blankets reading a book.

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I love days when I get to stay home and read! Especially when I get in some new books. I gather everything I could need before I start these sessions. To start with, I make sure I have extra blankets nearby, just in case I want to bury down deeper into the soft fluffiness. Which depending on how into the books I get, can be practically covering my head because I’m getting so anxious and excited. Then I make sure I have my tea ready and waiting for those brief moments I allow myself to pause and take a sip of something. Generally, I am so into the stories that I forget I have tea, but when I do remember it is a pleasant surprise. It’s kind of like I’m prepping myself for a quick “Oh!” which is kind of nice. And finally, I usually make sure I have an extra book sitting near me. Just in case the book I decided to read can’t hold my attention currently (which is totally ok if it happens to you too!). The second book if usually a book I’ve read before and I love re-reading! I tend to flip around through the pages to the spots I really like if my attention towards reading is really bad that day. These are some of the most relaxing days I get to have.

The Second way to spend a lazy day: Watching movies in your pajamas.

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If I can’t sit and read the day away, I am totally okay with spending my day watching movies. There isn’t a need to get all dolled up to watch movies at home. You don’t even have to get out of your pajamas (which most of the time I won’t if I don’t have too). Just grab your blanket off of you bed, head into the living room or where ever you watch you movies, and have fun just watching the movie. If you’re the kind of person who wants popcorn or candy while watching the movie, you can prep your munchies before you hit play. Sit down and have a marathon if you don’t have a single movie you want to watch. One of my guilty pleasure marathons would be all of the Transformer movies. I probably have the first three movies memorized (definitely the first one) and can quote parts from the others here and there. Yes, I know they are riddled with plot holes and story flaws, but I don’t care! They are super fun and if you manage to tune out the inner English Major – which I do quite well when it comes to these movies – they are very entertaining! These are the best days I have when I don’t want to think too much and feel like tuning out the rest of the world.

The Third way to spend a lazy day: Playing video games.

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There are some lazy days where all I want to do is be apart of the worlds I am always reading and watching. My best and closest opportunity to do this would be to play video games. You can choose whatever game you want to play for the day and just go. It definitely makes it more enjoyable if you are playing with your friends; however, I totally understand some games that are out there and it’s just you and the NPCs. And the same thing goes with any computer games you might want to play for your lazy day. Play online with friends or toss up some Big Fish games and work on some of the many mystery games on there. I know I’ve done my fair share of both online and mystery games on the computer. If you have some serious dedication (and willing to put more than one lazy day into a game) you can always try for completing the game with 100% of achievements done on it too. Total kudos if you are able to achieve this. I have only been able to truly 100% a game one time before and I felt so amazing once I reached it too! My current station of choice is Play Station 4 and I’m bouncing between a bunch of different games. But I am able to burn off any stress of steam I might have had while playing and I’m enjoying myself while playing. These are the perfect days when I want to be a little social but not enough to get out of the house and meet people somewhere.

So what do you do with your lazy days?

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