How can the sun shine?

A glorious sight to behold.

Yet no one may look at her for fear of her wonderful power.

And yet, she holds her light so proudly.

Coming around when she is needed, just to be ignored once more.

We see not her beauty, but her reflection off the very things she watches,

Day in and day out.

Why does the moon weep?

Not from the coloration that shines down

Drenching us in his blue hue.

Or from floating among glowing friends that give him company in the sky.

But because he is forever looking, straight into the reflection of his Love.

The one he’ll never reach.

We watch the man in the moon glisten with silver tears.

As he drifts across the sky just spinning around to catch her

Night after night.

We use one and forget another.

We look to one in amazement and avoid the other’s burn.

Yet we are forever witnessing the endless cycle of the two.

Rotating around us, their child, whom they love so fiercely and give so generously.

If they did not love us, then how is it:

We are always being watched over by one or the other

And they remain separate to protect us and raise us?

Just as a parent watches and protects their child.

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