You should always try and do one small act of kindness during each day. Whether that be just saying something polite to another or doing a physical action towards someone or thing, that act of kindness can bring a smile to your face and brighten your day.

Everyone can understand what kindness looks like just as the quote suggests. Even those who are unable to hear or see it knows exactly what kindness is. You are simply giving up a small part of yourself to assist another.

I once heard a movie (Evan Almighty funny enough) use A.R.K. as a way to prove how powerful kindness is. A.R.K. stands for ‘Act of Random Kindness’ and I still think about that. So I challenge you to do A.R.K. and to remember that Kindness is a part of a universal language unto itself. Everyone understands it. Everyone can participate in it. And everyone feels it.

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