I wanted to wish all the Mother’s out in the world a wonderful day! I hope that each of you are spoiled a little bit more today. I know that we should always do something for our moms throughout the year, but today is a chance to do that little bit extra for her!

Here is a poem I wrote a while back for my mom. Enjoy!

I know you . . .

I know you can’t draw

I know you can’t sing well

I know you can’t do everything

But hell, you try to anyways

I know you love your naps

I know you must have your coffee

I know you hate it when we yell and fight

But hell, we tried to be quite

I know you love your mom job

I know you are driven crazy by us

I know you are exhausted by the end of day

But hell, we still have a lot of laughs together

I know you forget us places

I know you mix up our names

I know you probably love getting away from us

But hell, you still care and love us despite this

I know you love each of us dearly

I know you treat us each fair

I know you have given so much for us

And hell, we would be lost without your guidance

We are grateful to call you Mom

Love you to the Moon and Back

Happy Mother’s Day!

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