I grew up with the typical story of which one is faster the tortoise or the hare. And of course we usually say at some point with this story, ‘slow and steady wins the race’. It is always proving itself over and over again. As long as you don’t stop what you are doing you are always moving forward. I just didn’t realize that even the old philosopher Confucius had a similar concept so long ago!

We all move at the pace that works the best for our life. It is what helps make you even more unique in a world where there are a lot of people who struggle to find themselves in the sea of humans. It’s about sticking with what you’ve set you mind to which can be a difficult thing for some. Even when there are moments where time is slugging by and it seems like you are never going to get to the next step. Persevere it is a powerful personality trait!

Chug along! Keep stepping forward! You are only making yourself better with every step you take so keep going!

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