Stephenie Meyer is finally going to release her book Midnight Sun! AHHH! August 4th here I come!

I’ll give you some context why I’m so pumped about this. So whether you are a fan of the Twilight series or not, preferring book or movie, it’s all good sports about everything here! And a lot of Twilight love! Heads up!

I was one of those young girls who found Twilight back in 2005 and fell head-over-heels for the oh so good looking vampires. And as the series continued, it just got that much better! Even with the whole sparkle in the sun, I loved it! I had a small little fan group of girls who I could gush over the fun details and laugh at the one-liners the books had. I loved the fact that I was a part of that world from the beginning. It made bracing for the whole Twilight tumble a few years later so much easier.

Besides every young lady wants a strong, immortal guy to sweep her off her feet and save her – even if he is the one causing all the mischief. Or was that just me? Lol!

I definitely favor the books over the movies. I feel like the very first movie gave the entire story a bad rap unfortunately. But, dedicated to the story, my group of friends and I still showed up to each opening weekend and binged the movies and books before the next release (both for the books and movies). And we were still just as enamored with it as we were from the beginning.

So, the reason why I’m so stoked about this release.

As some may know already Meyer, tried to write and prep this book a little over a decade ago while the crazy was still happening. But unfortunately – one way or another – this poor book got leaked WAY before Meyer wanted it to even be a thing. You could feel how crushed she was from all the things she wrote and the disappointment she felt when this happened. It was horrible. And so many of us in the fandom got so ticked off that it could have happened in the first place.

Well, she declared that she was done with it and wouldn’t pick it back up again. And I don’t blame her one bit. That leak was huge. Not only did it cost her money, time, and privacy, but just the process of knowing someone did that to you is a big thing in itself.

I was pretty excited for it too. I hadn’t found an author willing to go back through a story and write from the opposing perspective before and I was so excited to finally see that point of view. Especially coming from Edward’s view! I wanted to know what he was thinking during some scenes or what he was off doing while Bella was either sleeping or in class. But now that whole prospect was just gone. All because someone couldn’t wait.

Then after a decade of silence, I hear that Stephenie Meyer has officially decided and placed a publication day on this long ago dream!? She was willing to look back at the rough moment in the past and finish writing what was so cruelly taken from her. I couldn’t get to the pre-order page fast enough!

I look forward to keeping you in the loop about what I think about the book come this August. But I know I’m going to enjoy it just as I have with all of the other books in that series! Meyer is a wonderful writer and I am so happy that she was willing to go back and pick up this dusty project of hers.

Thank You Stephenie Meyer! You have just made a lot of old Twilight fans very VERY happy. And maybe inspire a new round of readers for your stories! Now I have to go back through and re-read the series to prep for the new one!

Time to start some books!

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