Here is another random writing prompt that I was given:

When nobody is around, the trees gossip about the people who have walked under them.

What does this one prompt you into writing and creating?

Here’s my inspired piece. I had a lot of fun with the rhyme scheme on this one. What do you think about it? Do you like the whole ABCCBA rhythm? Or a bit too off beat?

A Tale for The Saplings

Could you guess all the things I’ve seen?

It is a long story to tell but I will comply.

From my one spot on this land

I have seen many things both awful and grand.

So hear my story of humans that have passed by.

And see what lessons you can glean.

I once saw a boy dressed in simple attire

Walk below my parents’ limbs for years.

Then I saw him use their great wide cover

To build a home for him and his lover.

Despite the loss I showed with tears,

We still have to keep growing higher.

In the distance, I’ve seen a fire

So bright it seemed like the sun was up.

There were many humans helping each other

No family was lost, thank The Great Earth Mother.

It took years for them to rebuild and cleanup.

But fear not the struggles of man, let it inspire.

I’ve witnessed a birth of a strong healthy boy.

Who yelled and screamed so fierce and loud.

It was just him and his mother around for miles.

I knew they would have a life of hard trials.

But that lone mother was so proud.

And off they both went with a new life to enjoy.

There was a young woman in a bright dress

Admiring my colorful friends one day.

Then she picked them straight from the ground

Leaving behind just their small mound.

Then she left with a happy sway

And Mother Nature helped ease our distress.

I had an old couple each with a cane

Stroll down the stone path nearby.

Each one carrying small little ones

And that’s how I received you, my two sons.

I’ve watched you both grow tall to the sky.

And long may you each of you stay and reign.

Humanity is odd and forever changing

Remember to never hold a grudge against some.

They live quick and fast lives

With a burning in their trunk that drives.

And once in a while they hear our hum,

We give our knowledge for theirs and begin exchanging.

We will meet many more days as our time passes in our story

Both the good and bad of life will play out.

Just keep your eyes on the world right now

And watch what Mother Earth does allow.

It is our job to remember the past and keep a lookout.

So we can tell our own saplings all of Life’s glory.

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