I know I’m a bit late getting you all your Monday quote to read with your tea, but better late than never!

Rainbows seem such a simple thing in the grand scheme of life; however, I know when I see one I get a big smile on my face. They are beautiful things that show up to help brighten the sky after the storm. And if there is two in the sky or even three, it is awe inspiring. I know if I’ve seen a rainbow that it is going to be a great day. Or at least the rainbow has that type of influence on me to make me want to have a better day.

I know that sometimes when the going gets tough it is difficult to remember the bright times in life such as a rainbow. But if you are always approaching life with a pessimistic view then you can never see that beautiful rainbow shine through. There is color everywhere in the world, you just have to be willing to look around for it.

So keep you head up and try and find that rainbow in your life. Whether that be a real rainbow or something that makes you smile and influences you like a rainbow does for me.

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