Book 3 done in the Court series and this is the one that had my heart stopping on a number of occasions!

So my thoughts…

This is a great book that kept the series going. And thankfully she did because the way the 2nd book ended with our Court of Dreams divided and Hybern heading to invade Prythian it was a crazy ending. And yet, was a great cliff-hanger even though I hated waiting for the next book to come out! Sarah Maas, of course, did not disappoint in the third installment for the series.

Rating 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 of 5 Turtles

A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas was another wonderful book to add to a growing list for this author. She gave us the whole emotional range one could have and still managed to keep all of our fantastic characters kick-ass.

With the last book going into so much character development, I was pleased with the amount of growth we were still able to have for the characters. Of course we have a freshly mated pair leading the charge and still have to work out the little kinks in the who co-ruling, but they weren’t the only ones who received the deep dive of growth. Towards the end of the book you can see how Maas could take the story that started with Feyre and begin to move away from her towards other individuals. It will be very interesting to see where the future of the series will be going towards and whose perspective it will be from.

I didn’t care much for the beginning of this book, but I think a lot of that is because I wanted to get back to Velaris where Rhys and the crew were. However, I did really enjoy all of the mischief Feyre was able to wield and deal while she was playing Lady. And the wicked fight scene in the Spring Court . . . all I’m going to say is dang, that was amazing and the writing was stunning and they both deserved it. But then the part on the ice lake! Oh my goodness, I cried and squealed all at the same time you guys!

Ok, Ok. No spoilers. I know… I’m getting ahead of myself. Those are topics for another day.

I loved this book so much and I always look forward to picking it up again and again! There are moments where your heart cleaves in two (Chp 77..) and moments where you want to scream at Nesta’s face for being thick-headed. Then of course when there are times you can just feel the love, joy, laughter, and sadness from each of the characters, you realize just how much you have fallen in love with their story.

Sarah Maas has managed to make the Court series into a fantastic thing that just gets better every time. If you’ve made it to this post then obviously you think there is something grand about her writing as well and I’m glad we share that part of the world together.

Favorite Quote:

“The great joy and honor of my life has been to know you. To call you my family. And I am grateful – more than I can possibly say – that I was given this time with you all.”

Time to get lost in the next story!

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