It has been a minute since I’ve posted anything! I’ve been so focused on restructure my website that the content seemed to get pushed farther and farther down my list of things to accomplish. But that is totally okay, we are all allowed a little down time from creativity here and there. The important part is to remember to pick it back up!

So time for the quote of the week! A little something to contemplate while enjoying the day!

There are so many things that we face day in and day out that I know we struggle within coming to terms with. Whether it is the worst news one can receive or just something crappy at work that happened, shit happens that is out of our hands. But one thing we can always do is just to a breather, step back – either mentally or physically – from what is going on, and just try to piece together and understand what is now in front of you. Only then can you move forward to a better place and a better mindset.

Just like the quote says, if you are understanding what it is that you are accepting then you can recover and proceed forward with your life!

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