To start with, I want to talk about Hawk!

Oh my goodness, talk about a character! – A very yummy character. – There are moments in the beginning where I couldn’t tell if I hated him or loved him. And then to find out he is bloody prince Casteel that everyone fears! I about dropped the book I was so surprised. Although, looking back through it all, I really should have seen the signs leading up to that the entire time. Armentrout does such a fantastic job with her writing that those subtle clues blew right over my head.

I really hope that everything stays positive for the guy. He has been through so stinking much. I just want him and Poppy to stay together and end up in a relatively happy state. But sadly, knowing how story arcs work it is definitely going to get worse before it gets better. Keep strong my dark prince!

Speaking of getting worse, I am not sure how to feel about the realization we received at the end of book 2. Descendant of the gods and not only gods but basically the king of the gods. Then the queen even bowed and just handed over the crown! Like What? I was still getting over the fact that Poppy just called down blood rain and a tree sprang up from the ground. Then turn the page and Bam! a whole new level of WTF happened. I knew something wasn’t entirely normal about her from the first time the tree randomly popped up from the ground. But a gods’ descendent? Don’t know if I would have been able to get that one on my own.

I think my biggest worry is how they are going to save both Hawk and Poppy’s brothers from the enemy’s capital. I have a feeling that both the main characters are going to find a way to propose sacrificing themselves for the cause, which in turn is going to piss someone off. I do wonder if they are going to spare a moment for Poppy’s friend while they are at the capital.

However, after reading the synopsis I am curious how much of this book is going to be focused in Atlantia and how much will be including the outside world. There isn’t any hints as to whether this will be the last book in the series and the other books are a healthy size, so who knows what Armentrout will do.

I am super excited for this next book to show up, something else to look forward to in 2021! Thank you Jennifer Armentrout for creating this world and bringing to life the handsome dark prince and the once maiden for one hell of an adventure. Can’t wait for it to finally arrive!

2 thoughts on “Book Release: The Crown of Gilded Bones

  1. vas a publicar un pdf del libro de la corona de huesos dorados para que podamos leerlo? soy de españa y si nadie lo cuelga por aqui en pdf no puedo leerlo y traducirlo por alguna pagina

    1. No publicaré ningún pdf para este libro. Sin embargo, vi y leí que se supone que este libro se publicará a través Urano en España. No estoy seguro de cuándo se publicará, ¡pero espero que ayude!
      – – – – – – –
      I wont be posting any pdf for this book. However, I did see and read that this book is supposed to be published thru Urano in Spain. Not sure when it is due to be published, but I hope that helps!

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